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49ers Fan Fest: Pictures, video and more

The 49ers held their annual Fan Fest on Saturday, and we've got pictures and video from the 49ers, and fans in attendance.

@49ers on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers held their annual Fan Fest on Saturday, and while the practice itself was what Jim Harbaugh described as "raggedy", it gave the fans a chance to check out a practice session in person. In this age of social media, it provided plenty of pictures, video and general comments on Twitter, and I figured I would post some of that. You can find more with a Twitter search of #49ersFanFest.

The highlight of the tweets had to be this one by 49ers Digital Media Coordinator Taylor Price:

I recall attending an open practice a few years back, and there was a fan in a Cowboys jersey. I don't recall if it was a Romo jersey, but I do know he got booed plenty by the fans. Some people just like playing the troll, I suppose.

The 49ers do a great job with social media, and they provided various Vine videos throughout the day. The first one featured the team getting off the bus at Candlestick:

The second video featured some blocking drills

The third video featured wide receiver drills. Ricardo Lockette has the catch of the video with a one-handed grab on the sideline.

49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin brought a pair of youth football teams from Hunter's Point and San Ramon, and spoke with them after practice.

There a variety of fan pictures from Fan Fest, so here are a few of them. You can view a gallery of pictures over at