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Jim Harbaugh: Eric Wright has joined team, but not yet cleared to practice [UPDATED]

We take a look at Jim Harbaugh's update on Eric Wright's practice status. When can we expect the new cornerback back on the field?


Fooch's Note: Never mind most of this. Coach Harbaugh thought the questions were about Eric Reid, not Eric Wright. Oh well. Take it however you want!

Last week, the San Francisco 49ers signed cornerback Eric Wright to a one-year contract (more on the details of the contract), and immediately placed him on the NFI list. The 49ers did not go into any details on the injury that landed him on the list. They did say he was not immediately joining the team while he dealt with a personal matter.

Coach Harbaugh provided an update on Wright earlier today. He said Wright had joined the team, but that he was not yet cleared to practice, and was day-to-day.

The "personal matter" may have been the DUI issue in Southern California. The DA's office never pressed charges, and it would appear that matter is behind him (knock on wood). He is back with the team, and apparently rehabbing whatever injury has been bothering him. He had an Achilles injury late in the season during his suspension, and a lower back injury at the start of the season.

Once the 49ers activate Wright from the NFI list, they cannot place him on the list to start the season. Accordingly, they will likely take a conservative approach with this.

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