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Niners Nation fantasy football returns

Fantasy football is back!


Ten days ago I put together a post inquiring who would be interested in taking part in Niners Nation fantasy football leagues this year. It was over a weekend, so I imagine some folks missed it. If you missed that post, this is a chance to let us know if you're interested in taking part.

The most important thing we'll need is someone to operate as a league commissioner for each league. One person volunteered in that previous thread, but we'll need more than one. If you don't mind handling commish duties, please make that clear in a comment in here. If you expressed interest in joining a league in the previous article, and have no interest in being a commissioner, you do not need to re-express your interest. I've made note of you in the previous thread.

I'd like to do as many leagues as we have interested parties. We had five or six leagues last year. I'd like to create new leagues rather than simply reactivate leagues from last year. The leagues will be fairly basic standard leagues, although if enough people want a specific rule (individual defensive players, PPR, whatever), they can create a league for that. So, I suppose indicate if you strongly prefer a certain tweak to basic league rules.

If a group wants to create a keeper (or dynasty) type of league, discuss it with each other and we can go from there. Before posting that you're interested in a dynasty or keeper league, go through and see if anybody else has indicated interest. If they have, reply to them.