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Vic Fangio discusses Corey Lemonier development

Vic Fangio provided an intriguing comparison for Corey Lemonier, as he develops in his rookie season. It's easy to get a little bit excited.

Ezra Shaw

49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio met with the media Tuesday afternoon, and he had some interesting comments about outside linebacker Corey Lemonier. In describing Lemonier, Fangio pointed out that he was further along than Aldon Smith in the transition to stand-up outside linebacker.

The 49ers drafted Lemonier in the third round this year, with the intention of moving the Auburn defensive end to outside linebacker. In making this comment about Lemonier, Fangio pointed out that he has been able to get coached up since May, while Aldon had to deal with the lockout in 2011. This has allowed Lemonier to develop his technique at a quicker pace.

Follow-up questions might have been helpful because I think this is specific to Lemonier's development in the stand-up role, more than just as a pure pass rusher. I could be wrong, but that's kind of how I interpreted it. What do you think?

After one game, it is pretty easy to get excited about Lemonier, and what he could mean for the outside linebackers in 2013, and down the road. It's only been a few months, and he has plenty to learn, but given what we've seen of his raw pass rushing skills, I can't help but be excited about the possibilities. If you can suddenly rotate a legit pass rushing option in behind Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks? Yea, that's not too shabby.

I would hope Lemonier has earned some additional snaps on Friday, even possibly with the first team defense. If they go into their nickel, maybe he gets rolled in at left defensive end, instead of Ahmad Brooks. The team has opportunities to explore the studio space in the preseason, so why not give the youngster some of those snaps?

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