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Golden Nuggets: A.J. Jenkins, Kyle Williams Shine, Practice Scuffle Mark Day 15

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


Another day, another practice down. A.J. Jenkins, who's been catching quite a bit of flak around here, and around the 49ers fandom I might add, had a good practice. Kyle Williams was also singled out. Most of the writers' focus is on the receivers, you'll notice. They practiced without pads yesterday. The result was that the pass rush was nearly non-existent and the defense was not very aggressive. It's good for the passing game to get a chance to flourish without the threat of Aldon Smith bearing down on poor B.J. Daniels. That didn't stop the first fight of training camp from breaking out. C.J. Spillman and Michael Thomas scuffled. You don't often see two people from the same side of the ball going at it, but they did.

To the links...

Day 15 Recaps

BASG gives you his notes. The fight takes top billing, but A.J. Jenkins and Kyle Williams are also right there. He notes that Eric Reid got most of the reps next to Donte Whitner, despite Spillman being listed as the starter against the Chiefs on Friday. | 49ers practice report: two safeties come to blows, Kyle Williams stands out (BASG)

Christian Gin focuses on the receivers in his recap. He has the usual AJ's revenge bit. He also notes that Kyle Williams showed promise of being the No. 2 WR after having another solid performance. Austin Collie is also selected for a Day 15 merit badge. | 49ers 2013 Training Camp Practice Notes: Day 15 (Gin)

Matt Maiocco notes that MarQuies Gray had his best day of camp. He also has Quinton Patton making a one-handed (he's only allowed to use one) grab on a 30-yard pass. | 49ers camp report: Harbaugh dives into pile to break up scuffle (Maiocco)

Day 15: 49ers Have First Fight of Camp (Biderman)

Fight breaks out at 49ers practice; Jenkins has bounce back day (Inman)

Safety scuffle: Spillman, Thomas involved in practice skirmish (Branch)

Training camp D15: Rare fight breaks out; Jenkins has solid session (Barrows)

AJ Jenkins & Co. (the passing game)

Mike Sando provides a good defense of Mr Jenkins. I'm still wondering what we're going to do with this glut of receivers. Despite what some people are saying, I cannot envision the scenario in which he is cut, without some major violations on his part. | Mailbag: Overreaction on A.J. Jenkins (Sando)

Matt Barrows dissects the wide receiver competition. He has Aquan Boldin, Kyle Williams and Quinton Patton as locks. Then there's Kasim Osgood and/or Marlon Moore due to special teams play (I'd take Moore...younger, faster). Austin Collie? If healthy, all signs point to yes. That leaves us with A.J. Jenkins and friends. If AJ is kept for his potential, Barrows notes that that will sting for the other 5 who get cut. | From 11 to six: Where things stand at wide receiver (Barrows)

I think Ray Ratto does a good job of putting the A.J. Jenkins debate in perspective. | Will A.J. Jenkins have his 'I told you so' moment? (Ratto)

What do people think about Marlon Moore's chances of making the roster? I like what I've read and seen so far. If he can match an ageing Kasim Osgood for special teams coverage play then I think his chances are even better. As long as he keeps making highlight reel grabs in practice... | Speed and grit paying off so far for WR Marlon Moore (Barrows)

Here's more on the young man. There's an interview embedded. | Marlon Moore Brings Added Value (

A lot of people are talking about Vance McDonald after he led the team in receiving during the first preseason game. I'm bummed that he won't be playing on Friday. I was looking forward to watching more of him. | McDonald's education includes tough exams vs. teammates (Branch)

Vance McDonald Developing Nicely as 49ers' No. 2 Tight End (NBC)

49ers have alarming void at wide receiver spots (Press Democrat, Not-a-Cohn)

There's hating, and then there's HATING. | Lowell Cohn: 49ers ought to cut losses and dump A.J. Jenkins (Scrooge)

Eric Reid

Here's a piece with an interview of Eric Reid in it. He seems like a nice guy. | Eric Reid Improves vs. Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis (

Vic Fangio sees 'promise' in Eric Reid after preseason opener (Gin)

Count Vic Fangio among the fans of Eric Reid's big hits (Inman)

Reid Remains with First Defense (

Other News

What I like about Corey Lemonier is that he played DE in college. He's learning a new position and looking good. I think it was Inman who said on one of the podcasts that rushing the passer easily translates to the pro game. If you can do it, you can do it. Well, Lemonier can do it. | Corey Lemonier learning the details at outside linebacker (Gin)

And Vic Fangio came out yesterday and said that it could be a while before we see Tank Carradine and Quinton Dial. I'm really looking forward to seeing these guys bolster that depth on the D-line. | 49ers Patient with Carradine, Dial (

Matt Maiocco discusses the same topic, but with his three and out video embedded. I find them to be informative. You should too. | Carradine, Dial not expected back soon (Maiocco)

I mean, who doesn't. | Lemonier Admires Aldon Smith (

All-Pro Mike Iupati aims to get even better (Maiocco)

49ers defenders' tough balancing act: making the ‘big hit' without getting fined (BASG)

Matt Maiocco's 49ers chat transcript (8.13) (Maiocco)

Boston Bombing Victim Aaron Hern Visits 49ers Training Camp (NBC)

C.J. Spillman is finally getting what he has been pushing for - a chance to play safety (SF Gate)

Fast times: Speed could keep undrafted CB Darryl Morris with 49ers (Branch)

49ers running back Frank Gore has a formula for success (SF Gate)

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