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Jamaal Charles sits out Wednesday practice, question mark for Friday

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to take a conservative approach with Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs running back is recovering from a foot strain, and sat out Wednesday's practice.


The Kansas City Chiefs have already wrapped up their morning practice session, and running back Jamaal Charles sat out again. He is dealing with a foot injury, suffered when he stepped on a teammates foot on Monday. He was carted off, but an x-ray revealed no broken bones.

Andy Reid said that if "push came to shove", Charles could have practiced, but given that this is the preseason, Reid would be a fool to rush him back at this early juncture. The Chiefs know what Jamaal Charles can do. There is value to working with his QB, particularly given how involved he will likely be in the passing game, but it's not worth risking a season-long aggravation.

The upside for Kansas City is the chance to figure out their backup running back competition. Rookie Knile Davis is apparently leading the way, with Shaun Draughn and Cyrus Gray competing for time behind him. Arrowhead Pride describes him as stout, fast and powerful, but a guy who deals with drops and fumble issues. An AP user took some time to break down his performance against Texas A&M.

The Chiefs first string offense played one series last week, and Andy Reid has indicated the Chiefs starters will get a little more playing time. AP think they'll play as much as the entire first quarter, and is hoping for at least three series for each first team unit. We still don't know the 49ers plans. There was a mix of one and two series depending on the player last week, with Colin Kaepernick and most of the starting defense getting one series. I suspect we'll see two or three series from the 49ers starters.

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