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Which KC Chiefs player would 49ers fans take today?

If you could take any Chiefs player and put him on the 49ers roster, who would it be? I imagine Jamaal Charles or Dwayne Bowe lead the way. Any other suggestions?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Day 3 of the Niners Nation-Arrowhead Pride conference! 49ers fans have a vested interest in how these 2013 Chiefs perform, with Alex Smith keeping some 49ers fans interested, and the 49ers third (possibly second) round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, keeping all 49ers fans interested.

Yesterday, AP took a look at which single non-Colin Kaepernick 49ers player the fans would want on their team. The 49ers have a fairly stacked roster, but the Chiefs do have some strengths. AP's Joel Thorman went with Aldon Smith, who was a favorite among the fans. Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis and Justin Smith all got in there as well.

Today's question for Niners Nation

You can take one player on the Chiefs and put him on the 49ers. Who is it?

My short term pick: Dwayne Bowe

My long term pick: Brandon Flowers

For this season, I think it has to be Bowe. The 49ers wide receiver corps after Anquan Boldin is one big question mark. Stick Bowe opposite Boldin with Vernon Davis in there as well, and this offense might well be unstoppable. He's not a burner, but opposite Boldin you'd have one of the biggest pairs of receivers in the league.

That being said, I say short term because Flowers provides the 49ers with more long-term value. The 49ers have plenty of cornerbacks, but they have a lot of long-term questions with several potential free agents, and Chris Culliver recovering from a torn ACL. Flowers is signed through 2016 and could combine with Eric Reid and potentially Chris Culliver as a strong foundation for the 49ers future secondary.

Chiefs fans, give us a hand with potentially under the radar strong options for the 49ers. While the 49ers have a deep roster, there are some weaknesses, and there is always room for young talent.

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