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2013 NFL predictions: Crappy predictions are always amusing

We take a look at some preseason predictions now and from 2011. Always good for a laugh!

The beginning of the NFL season brings predictions on everything from postseason awards to division winners to Super Bowl winners. A few folks enjoy picking the final records for every single team. Pete Prisco rolls this out each year, and while the accuracy is pretty close to worthless, it at least provides a chance for discussion.

One problem with Prisco's, and most like this, is the fact that good teams can get overrated, and bad teams can get underrated. Prisco has seven teams winning 12+ games, and seven teams winning four or fewer. The former has not happened once in the last decade, and may have never happened. The latter has happened once in the last decade.

For those who don't want to click over to Prisco, he has the 49ers 12-4 winning the division over 10-6 Seattle. He has the 49ers getting a bye, and then losing to the Falcons in the divisional round. He has the Bengals beating the Falcons in the Super Bowl.

All that being said, this is also a good excuse to look back at some awful predictions. This screenshot was tweeted out earlier today, and I figured it was worth sharing. The funniest part might have been the disgruntled RB comments (Frank Gore wanted a new deal). Steve Wyche was closest in his comments about the 49ers, although his prediction was off.