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49ers vs. Chiefs: Andy Reid plans on playing starters for first half

We take a look at news on how much playing time we can expect of the Chiefs starters in the first half.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

While the San Francisco 49ers will not be telling us how much the first string offense and defense will play on Friday, Andy Reid has provided that info for his Kansas City Chiefs. Per writer Reid Ferrin, Andy Reid said he would play the first string offense and defense for the first half of the game.

The 49ers coaches have been asked all week about the snap count for the starters, and they have not gotten more than a vague, "maybe more than last week" type of answer. I suspect we get at least two or three series for the starters, but part of that will depend on how involved each series is. If the 49ers defense gets two straight three and outs, I think you send them out one more time. If the offense has back-to-back 10-play drives, do they need more time?

Part of this will also depend on how much they want to see a given second or third string player play with and against first stringers. Last week, Kap and most of the defense got one series in, but others got a second series. I'd love to see Corey Lemonier get some action against the Chiefs first string offense, much like I'd like to see A.J. Jenkins get some snaps with Colin Kaepernick at quarterback. And of course, it would be nice to see Eric Reid in with the first team defense.

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