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Chris Mortensen describes A.J. Jenkins' need for more "confidence" and "swag"

A.J. Jenkins has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism this past week. According to Chris Mortensen, sources indicate lacks the necessary confidence and swagger. Can he change that in short order?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last week, local reports about A.J. Jenkins struggling in camp have led to national coverage focusing on whether or not he'll be cut. On Monday Night Countdown, Chris Mortensen said that "word from the 49ers" was that A.J. Jenkins had the skill, but he needed the confidence and swagger to find success.

It is always interesting to hear what people are hearing from the 49ers, but I don't think this surprises many of us. At times it has seemed like there is a passive nature to A.J. Jenkins. This was personified last week when Chad Hall ran in front of him to catch a pass. It could very well have just been an issue of one of them running a wrong route, but the appearance of it just hit home.

I don't mind this kind of report from Mortensen because it seems in line with the situation, and at least he's saying something about 49ers sources. They're anonymous team sources, but it's better than nothing.

The problem this week has been the national media deciding that Jenkins either should be cut or could be cut. We've had plenty of discussion on numerous aspects of this, including the financial ramifications. Anything is possible, but the odds of Jenkins getting cut are incredibly slim.

Ideally he'll put together a solid performance on Friday, and build on it from there. If confidence is what he needs, strong performances are going to be an important part of getting him there. Nobody likes a cocky, arrogant jerk, but when it comes to performing on the football field, sometimes you need a guy to emulate Keyshawn Johnson's immortal book title, Just Give Me The Damn Ball.

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