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49ers injury report following Chiefs game not looking too bad

The San Francisco 49ers made it though their second preseason game relatively unscathed. We take a look at the two previously injured players who were notable before the game.


Although there were some negatives to come out of Friday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the most important pieces of news was the fact that the team came away relatively unscathed in the injury department. The closest the team came was when Andy Lee took a tough hit on a blocked extra point. Jim Harbaugh was asked about injuries after the game, and he was not aware of any. That would hopefully indicate Andy Lee is fine.

The most notable injury news was that Kyle Williams and Quinton Patton both suited up for the game. Neither played, but it sounds like they are both getting closer. Williams tweeted this out before the game:

Given that he has been practicing the last week, if he keeps on practicing, it seems like he would be back next week for the Vikings game. I have to think he's chomping at the bit seeing as he has not played in a game since he tore his ACL.

Patton was suited up and catching balls with both hands. He has been in a non-contact jersey since early in camp, and has generally either run routes and not caught passes, or caught them one-handed, trying to avoid contact on his injured finger. He has caught some passes with both hands, but for the most part he remains limited. That being said, he has been an active member of practice, and his competitive nature fires up Coach Harbaugh.

Next week will provide a chance to learn more about the wide receiver position, but the number of answers we get could be fairly limited if both Williams and Patton are active. The 49ers have 11 receivers on the active roster. It will not be easy getting them all playing time, particularly with the teams first string offense. It makes for some tough roster decisions in two weeks.

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