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Niners Nation #Channel49 Twitter Q&A Mailbag, Vol. 23: Perrish Cox, SF vs KC, Special Teams & More

This week at #Channel49, we kicked off the session a few hours before game time, at 2pm PT, as per usual. We decided to roll over into the game to get some questions reflecting what transpired.

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Woods up to No Good

B.J. Daniels saw his first game action as a quarterback against the Chiefs, playing two drives in the fourth quarter. It didn't take B.J. long to make an impression upon Niners Nation, leading a scoring drive in the final minute to win the game on a very nice pass to Chuck Jacobs. Daniels also flashed good vision, mobility, and a strong arm. There are certain times there's something you like about a player, and you can't exactly put your finger on it, and that's Daniels to me.

Daniels will get to play more in the last two preseason games, and we'll get to see if he's worthy of a roster spot at quarterback. Sure, he only played two drives, but he also did something Scott Tolzien and Colt McCoy haven't done, throw a touchdown.

Daniels can run the read option and can play positions other than quarterbacks, a jack of all trades, the new Swiss army knife for the 49ers perhaps? The next two games will be huge for Daniels, it will decide whether he's on the practice squad or suiting up on game days. Colt McCoy may have the most experience, Tolzien may have two years in the 49ers offense, but they still have to perform and beat out the competition that is Daniels. In a climate where competition is preached, and where "may the best man win" are mantras, if Daniels outplays both quarterbacks, he's definitely taking the roster spot of one.

I put together a scouting report on Daniels right after the draft, and he displayed some of the positives I saw in him Friday night.

I'm a bit concerned. After the 49ers special teams unit regressed last year, the 2013 version showed they have some kinks to work out. On the touchdown return I did see two holds, so I almost give them a pass there, but their play on punt returns is what really worried me. On a return in the third quarter over half of the field had no 49er on it to tackle the returner. The unit clearly isn't on the same page and aren't sticking with how Brad Seely is drawing up the plays. They have two weeks to figure things out, but they need to get going. Field position battles were won by the 49ers all the time in 2011, and it would be great to see that again. It's one game we're worried about, I liked a lot of what I saw from the special teams unit week one.

Boobie was definitely on the roster bubble last season, but it isn't the case this year. Jewel Hampton and D.J. Harper don't appear to be pro's, they lack vision and ball security. Anthony Dixon knows this system well, ran great in game one, and is a special teams contributor. Even when he's not on the field, he's an important part of the team, his teammates love him! I'd be shocked if Boobie doesn't make the team. Here's to another year of awesome tweets from Dixon and more freestyle raps to go along with them!

The 49ers have four legitimate fantasy threats this season, but there can only be one best, and that would be Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick sits at No. 5 on Yahoo's Fantasy quarterback rankings (somehow Cam Newton is 3), and pick him up as soon as you see fit! With the combination of rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, few interceptions, Kaepernick could become a fantasy monster.

Right behind Kaepernick is the 49ers Defense, which will win you some of those close games. When you have a good and consistent defense in fantasy it makes up for the (WR,TE, RB) you needed to do well that had a bad week. The 49ers are as steady as they come and are a sure thing to be a top five defense in fantasy this year. The final two players to consider are Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, both of whom could have very good years yet again. This could be Vernon's best season statistically in the Harbaugh Era.

Malone's Mischief

One of the players I've been most impressed by this offseason is Perrish Cox. He's looked good throughout training camp according to all accounts and is staking a claim for some serious playing time during the season. Last year he was our dime back, seeing the most action in Week 1 against pass-heavy Green Bay. We should expect to see him again in the opening weekend rematch.

As for his roster status, I think he's earned his way to being a lock to make the team. He is a restricted free agent after this season, meaning he's easily re-signable. The only two under contract for next year are Chris Culliver and Carlos Rogers. The CB situation sees Tarell Brown as a lock, with Cox, Nnamdi Asomugha, Rogers, Tramaine Brock, recently re-acquired Eric Wright and the camp bodies fighting it out for five spots. If we assume Cox is a lock now, due to cost, play on defense and special teams, who do you see the team keeping out of the rest?

There are so many variations that could take place I'd be reluctant to say whether or not Nnamdi makes the team at this point. We've yet to see Wright. If he shows nothing, I think the above listed are your five. Long story short, I don't think Nnamdi and Cox are fighting for the same spot, do different things and very likely could both make the roster.

While this question was asked before the game, I think it became even more pertinent after the carnage played out. I know Woodsy spoke on the topic above, but I wanted to get my two cents in.

Both Colt McCoy and Scott Tolzien have showed very little to be impressed with during the preseason. B.J. Daniels, who didn't see time under center in Week 1, led the team to its first offensive touchdown of the preseason, a game-winning touchdown pass to Chuck Jacobs. He's clearly looked best, but we must remember, his only playing time so far has come against the Chiefs scout team defense.

There really is no way of knowing how Coach Harbaugh and the front office view this competition. They're always tight lipped. Harbaugh may feel that in a worst case scenario, the 49ers best chance of winning the big one would be for McCoy to play game manager.

Some people seem to think that Daniels, who's playing style most resembles Colin Kaepernick out of the backups, should get the No. 3 job while Tolzien and McCoy battle it out for QB2. I still think it's too close to call. Daniels has definitely earned a more thorough look and should get it in the next two games. But remember, Harbs has years of game footage on McCoy and time spent with Tolzien to help him evaluate those two. Even if they are outperformed in the preseason, it doesn't necessarily mean they will be cut in favor of Daniels (see Josh Johnson).

I really think there's no telling until the preseason plays out. But after two weeks of games and with training camp behind us, I see it as such.

Anquan Boldin is the unquestioned number one. It gets muddy after that. I need to see what Kyle Williams has to offer after recovering from injury, but I think he's got a lead on the No. 2 or No. 3 position. Marlon Moore appears to be well on his way to making the team. Regardless of what people are saying, I think there's no way A.J. Jenkins gets cut this year. I think Austin Collie will be kept for his experience, but may be the first to go when Mario Manningham is ready to return. Besides, with Collie so injury-prone there's no telling how long he lasts. The last spot I think goes to Quinton Patton, but until we get to see him participate fully in team activities, it's hard to evaluate him.

I think Boldin, Williams and Jenkins are locks. Collie could make way for Chad Hall, who's also looked good so far. Patton may not be ready to start the year and incur an 'injury'. I have Ricardo Lockette on the outside looking in.

1. Boldin
2. Wiliams
3. Moore
4. Collie
5. Patton
6. Jenkins

How certain am I about this. Not at all. The only thing I can guarantee is that some of it will be wrong. Thankfully, there's still more football to be played before the decision is made.

MarQuis Gray has looked good during the last week of training camp and in the Kansas City game. Let us not forget, that this is preseason. How good he can be I think won't be determined until we get a better look. I do like what I've seen so far. But I chose this question not so much for Gray, but for the lackluster play I've seen from Garrett Celek, the incumbent TE3.

Celek was supposed to be the better blocker and have a leg up through experience and being familiar with the system. He hasn't shown it yet. In the Chiefs game he didn't fight for a first down despite catching the ball less than a yard from the marker, he failed his blocking assignments and has generally shown zero fluidity. Gray, on the other had, has looked good in his limited opportunities. You can see Gray's upside. The choice was perceived to be Celek's experience and blocking vs Gray's potential. But with Celek failing to fulfil his side of that polemic, I think Gray has every chance to unseat him.

And don't forget, we welcome your participation. Join the chat session on Fridays, send a question in if you can't make or feel free to answer the questions posed here in the comments below. We're trying to put the 'social' in social media.

Until next time.

Being a Sheep

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