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Start your Niners Nation fantasy football league

It's fantasy football time! Join NN's numerous fantasy football leagues and conquer all in the fantasy world!

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Alright, we're ready to get things rolling with our Niners Nation fantasy football leagues. We're partnered once again with Yahoo!, so we'll be running the site leagues over there.

The first league is full.

There is no "official" NN league, but rather, we'll create as many as needed to fill demand. Once this first league fills up, I'd like people to create other leagues for NN readers.

Here's how we'd like this to work.

1. Once the league above fills up (which should be quickly), announce in the comments section that you are creating a new league.

2. Create the league and share the link in the comments section so others can join. (Note: Make it public.) Do not create a new league if there is a league in the comments still to be joined. The only exception to this is if you simply MUST have some specific rules tweaks to have fun with this.

3. You are now the Commissioner. You make the decisions on how your league runs. Revel in your power.

Once we have all the leagues up and running, we'll keep track of them throughout the season. I'll get in touch with each of the commissioners so we can set up a process for league updates.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.