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49ers trade A.J. Jenkins to Kansas City Chiefs for WR Jon Baldwin

The 49ers have traded A.J. Jenkins to the Kansas City Chiefs for Jonathan Baldwin. We break it all down.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's Note: Chiefs and 49ers have announced the deal.

Well, this escalated quickly. Matt Maiocco tweeted that a source told him the 49ers were talking with teams about trading former first round pick A.J. Jenkins. Now, USA Today Sports' Tom Pelissero is reporting the 49ers are going to trade Jenkins to the Kansas City Chiefs. And just like that, a KC source is tweeting that a deal is done to trade A.J. Jenkins for Jon Baldwin.

More on Baldwin-for-JenkinsCap hit Scouting report

That certainly happened quickly. I rewrote this headline and story three times in the last ten minutes as it evolved. Baldwin was a first round pick in 2011, while A.J. Jenkins was a first round pick in 2012. Both struggled this past Sunday, and both have struggled through short NFL careers.

We'll have plenty more on this, but it's clear that the 49ers decided it was better to cut ties with A.J. Jenkins, admit the mistake in drafting him and move on. I'm disappointed he didn't work out, but if FO thinks it's a lost cause, better to do a deal now.

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