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Jim Harbaugh, 49ers players react to A.J. Jenkins trade

Following the 49ers trade of A.J. Jenkins, there were various reactions from coaches and players. We take a look at some of them.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers shipped A.J. Jenkins out of town this morning, and naturally there were some reactions to the deal. Jim Harbaugh was not scheduled to meet the media, but he made a quick stop-in to discuss the trade. He kept things fairly vague, as one would expect. He talked about how this was a second chance for both players. He talked about how A.J. Jenkins was good in the locker room, talented, and a hard worker. As per usual, he would not "go negative" in discussing Jenkins.

He had an interesting nugget about Jon Baldwin. The 49ers newest receiver played basketball in high school, and was actually recruited by some schools to play basketball. One school was Marquette, whose head coach at the time was Tom Crean. That is the same Tom Crean that is married to Jim Harbaugh's sister. Interesting little connection.

This trade was not exactly a shock given Jenkins' struggles in San Francisco, but it definitely caught everybody by surprise. This included the players, who met with the media earlier this afternoon. Cam Inman has more details, but here are some tweets from the writers: