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Ron Jaworski loves him some Colin Kaepernick

Ron Jaworski had some heft comments about Colin Kaepernick's immense potential. We take a look at them, and what it all means as Kap heads into his first full season as a starter.


Earlier this year, in the lead up to the Super Bowl, Ron Jaworski said on television that he thought Colin Kaepernick has the ability to be the best quarterback in the NFL. I managed to get a word with him at his Super Bowl party later that week, and I had a chance to follow up with him on this comment.

Jaws said that he felt that the only area Kap had to improve was experience. He felt he had all the physical tools, but just needed to get more time on the field. At the time, he said he believed Kap could potentially end up in the pantheon of all-time greats.

Well, Jaws has stuck to his guns as we get closer to the 2013 season:

I think plenty of us would like to see the 49ers young QB remain under the radar and just quietly do his thing, but it's safe to say that's not going to work. Even though he's only got ten full games, Kap was a dynamic player in an era where 24/7 sports coverage combine and #HotSportsTakes results in all sorts of hyperbole.

Jaws' comments can certainly be construed as hyperbole, but with Kap's skill-set, I think it's pretty easy to talk up the potential and his ceiling. He still has a considerable floor, but that ceiling is pretty unbelievable. Of course, now we just need to see what he actually does with that potential.

I think Jaws comments are as much about his "potential" as anything else. People are quick to criticize this, but in terms of the hypothetical "best of all time" debate, why can't Kap become that guy? Maybe he won't reach his immense potential, but with his arm, legs, intelligence, work ethic and general passion for the game, why can't someone say Kap might end up as one of the best of all time?

Every season could prove fun with Kap, but this first one after the rise strikes me as the most intriguing. He'll face defenses that have spent all offseason prepping for him (hello there, Green Bay). The tough early stretch of games will start to tell us where he might be able to take his game. I don't know how it will end up, but I'm excited for the journey.

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