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Colin Kaepernick talks Jon Baldwin, Jaws compliments and working with his receivers

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick met with the media, and had a chance to talk about his newest receiver, Jon Baldwin, the rest of his wide receivers, and Ron Jaworski's complimentary comments about him.

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The 49ers made quarterback Colin Kaepernick available to the media today, and it was good timing given Ron Jaworski's comments about Kaepernick. In case you missed it, Jaws said Kap had a chance to be arguably the best quarterback in NFL history. He loves Kap's physical tools, so while hyperbolic, I think too many people looked at it a little too literally.

Someone asked Kap how he deals with all the praise and attention. His response was pretty simple. "I'm working. To me, it's a great honor that he said that, very flattered by it. But at the same time, I haven't played a full season yet." That's all we can ask, right?

The transcript is worth a read as well for his comments about Jon Baldwin and working with his receivers. It's not earth-shattering stuff, but it's interesting nonetheless.

QB Colin Kaepernick
Press Conference - August 21, 2013
San Francisco 49ers

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Do you have any first reaction to WR Jon Baldwin and what it's like throwing to him?

"He's a big target, has good hands, is picking up the playbook quickly. So, looking forward to seeing what he can do out there."

Have you had much one-on-one interaction with him since he's been here?

"I met him when I came out my senior year, getting ready for the combine and everything. So, I have a past relationship with him a little bit, but it's going to take time to really get a feel for him."

When you're looking up, you guys seem to have a lot of receivers. Are you kind of excited about that, that you have a lot of good talent to throw to, or what are you thinking?

"The more weapons we have on this team, the happier I am."

But how difficult is it? You need to build rapport with different receivers and they need to learn you as well. How do you approach that when you're trying to learn everyone's idiosyncrasies?

"To me, receivers' body language is something you have to be able to read as a quarterback. So, every day you're out there, you have to be paying attention, you have to be picking up on those things."

Do you do that quicker now than you did when you first came in the league? Is it something that as a skill improved with you too?

"I think that's something that it doesn't matter where you're at you have to be able to do that. Now it's just doing it within our offense."

I know you said you wanted to play a lot more than four snaps, but is it important? Can you get much out of playing, say, 20 snaps as opposed to four snaps in an exhibition game?

"That's something I really can't determine. The more we practice, the more reps I get with receivers, obviously the better things are going to be."

And I know it's early on, but are there any that are coming across that you seem to be gelling with a little better?

"Lot of great receivers on the team. A lot of talented people. I think we have a lot of playmakers."

Do you want to play more in the preseason as much as you can or are you just happy with what they're giving you?

"I would play every snap if they let me."

Talk to me a little about the difference between this time last year and this time this year and where you guys are in the preseason. Obviously they're probably not going to play you as much.

"That's not something I can control. So for me I'm just coming out working every day."

But I mean are you sitting easier this year than maybe you were last year?

"It's something where you're in a different position. So, I know I'm going to go out and get to play. Last year I was working to try and get on the field. That's the only difference."

Head coach Jim Harbaugh said you're wearing the non-contact jersey now in practice. Is that something you've had to do before and do you see the defense change the way they play when you wear that?

"I don't worry about that. I'm out there to practice on my game."

How close was the scare with LB Ahmad Brooks coming in the other day?

"Didn't scare me at all."

I was going to say you seem like the type of guy that maybe prefers the contact than the non-contact.

"I'm not a fan of the jersey."

Are you 100 percent right now?

"100 percent."

Sure you're not 110?

"No such thing."

Harbaugh finished up his press conference by explaining why he went in such defense of WR A.J. Jenkins before last year's training camp. He called out the media and anybody that criticized him. Do you like to see him stick up for your teammates in such a vocal fashion?

"Yes, I think it's great when your coach is going to take your side, the players side, and do anything he can to make you comfortable and be successful on the field."

Who's the surprise on the team? The one person that maybe all of us need to pay more attention to?

"Everyone. Everyone on this team is working. Everyone on this team has gotten better since last year. So, I think you need to look at everybody."

ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski said today that he thought you could be the greatest quarterback of all time, the best quarterback ever. How do you deal with praise and stuff like that in this offseason and what not?

"I'm working. To me, it's a great honor that he said that, very flattered by it. But at the same time, I haven't played a full season yet."

One of the things last year that I know you wanted to do was get the offense moving quicker, get to the line quicker, don't get the play clock down to the last second. Do you feel that that's been adequately addressed in these two preseason games? Would you like to give that one more thingon Sunday?

"Yeah, I think we're getting better. We're trying to improve on all things, so that's just one of many things we're trying to get better at."

But in that one aspect, did you see improvement in the first two games? Were you satisfied or at least--?

"Yes, we're improving."