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49ers are too good to be complacent with backups, especially QBs

The San Francisco 49ers are too good to be complacent with their backup quarterbacks, which is why they made a trade for Colt McCoy prior to the draft, and why they recently signed Seneca Wallace.


The San Francisco 49ers were expected to roll with Colt McCoy as the primary backup to Colin Kaepernick this season. Prior to trading for McCoy, Scott Tolzien was the man behind Kaepernick, and recognizing that the NFL Draft was full of terrible quarterbacks, the team made the trade for McCoy.

Other teams also realized this and made quarterback trades as well, it should be noted. I was personally excited because I liked McCoy coming out of college and thought the deserved a chance at playing for a team other than the Cleveland Browns, but he hasn't played well thus far.

Unfortunately, McCoy has generally stunk up the place thus far, and was even outplayed by rookie B.J. Daniels. Tolzien also has struggled, despite looking very promising in his previous preseason appearances. But hey, the 49ers have Kaepernick, so why worry to much about the backup situation, right?


The 49ers aren't in a position where losing one player at most positions would destroy them. They might even be able to win a bunch of games with McCoy under center if they had to. But the 49ers are too good to accept anything less than who they think is the best at every single position on the roster, backups and special teams players included.

Bringing in Seneca Wallace is just the latest move to echo this fact. Wallace doesn't come with a rock-solid background, but he's going to provide competition, and competition will bring out the best of every one of these quarterbacks. I don't know if he can beat out McCoy, Tolzien and Daniels, but I do know that the 49ers making these moves this late into the preseason means they are not satisfied.

And they shouldn't be. Satisfaction at any backup position, let alone the quarterback situation, without doing their due diligence, is the sign of an organization that doesn't want to win. San Francisco will go with who they're most comfortable with at the end of the day, and doing all of their homework to get to that comfort zone makes me a happy camper, that's for sure.

Let's just hope we never have to see these guys start a game this year.

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