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Friday night preseason open thread: Seahawks vs. Packers

We've got an open thread for Seahawks-Packers on CBS.

Kevin C. Cox

The third week of the NFL preseason schedule moves on tonight with a pair of games. The Oakland Raiders will host the Chicago Bears, but that's not the game we care about. The Green Bay Packers host the Seattle Seahawks at 5:00 p.m. PT, and will be nationally televised on CBS.

The 49ers face the Packers and Seahawks the first two weeks of the season, so I have to think the team has one or more scouts checking out the action. Given that the first two opponents are playing, and given that this is the "dress rehearsal" game for a lot of teams, the 49ers could get at least some kind of look at both teams. They won't get much playbook insight, but they can check out some of the starters.

Feel free to chat away about the first two 49ers opponents, and we'll see how both teams look as the season fast approaches.