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Cal, Stanford considering moving 2014 Big Game to Levi's Stadium

The University of California and Stanford University are considering an offer to play the Big Game at the 49ers' Levi's Stadium in 2014. We break down what this could mean.

Ezra Shaw

We generally try and focus on the San Francisco 49ers and the NFL, but with the development of Levi's Stadium, I thought it would be interesting to keep an eye on non-NFL/49ers news as it relates to the 49ers new stadium.

We already know the stadium will be hosting Super Bowl 50 in February 2016. Earlier this week, I wrote about how the stadium was a rumored finalist for Wrestlemania 31 in 2015. The more events a venue can get, the more money to be raised for all parties involved.

Now, word is out that Cal and Stanford are considering playing the Big Game at Levi's Stadium. According to reports, Cal and Stanford were offered a one-off deal to play the Big Game in Santa Clara. Cal normally hosts it in even years, but that would change to odd years, as they would host the following year.

From the comments at CGB, it seems like most are against it, with some going so far as threatening to give up season tickets over concerns of further selling out by the school. Of course, the financial situation in California means this makes a certain measure of financial sense for Cal. Levi's Stadium would hold a little over 5,000 more people, so there is more money to be made.

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