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Peyton Manning, Broncos use "Roll Montana!" audible to run sprint right option

Peyton Manning used a "Roll Montana!" call to audible to the most famous play in 49ers history. We've got some video and pictures.

Thearon W. Henderson

The Denver Broncos are facing the St. Louis Rams in preseason action, and we had something interesting pop up during the Broncos first score of the game. The Broncos were down inside the red zone, when Peyton Manning called one of his many audibles. This one sounded like Roll Montana!, although it could have also been Go Montana! Give it a listen here, and decide for yourself.

I mention this because the Broncos then ran the most famous play in 49ers history, Sprint Right Option. This was the play Joe Montana ran in throwing The Catch to Dwight Clark. In the Broncos version, Manning rolled to his right and threw a touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas. The use of sprint right option was the highlight of this moment, but a secondary highlight was seeing the touchdown happen over Cortland Finnegan. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Here are some screen shots from the play:

After the snap:


Rolling right:


Manning view:


"The catch" (no way it gets capitalized!):


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