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49ers vs. Vikings weather report: Checking Phil Dawson's three favorite sites for Sunday Night Football

The San Francisco 49ers are at home under the lights for their third preseason game of the season. We take a look at the weather for Sunday Night Football featuring the 49ers and Vikings with the help of Phil Dawson's three favorite websites.

Peter Aiken

The San Francisco 49ers will be under the lights tonight, well, for part of the game at least, as they host the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football. As per usual, we're back with the weekly weather forecast using 49ers kicker Phil Dawson's three favorite websites. In case you missed it, earlier this month, Dawson met with the media and discussed the weather issues that come with kicking at Candlestick Park. The swirling winds at the Stick are frequently discussed, and a significant factor for special teams.

During his discussion, Dawson mentioned that he tracks three different sites in his weekly weather assessment:, and The weather is always a factor for kickers, minus domes of course, so each I thought each week we would take a look at the upcoming weather forecast with the help of Dawson's three favorite sites.

It should be a very nice evening at Candlestick Park. Sunset is not expected until around 7:50 p.m., so I don't imagine we'll see the lights a whole lot. The stadium will turn them on at some point since the game could go long, but for the most part, it should be natural light at Candlestick Park.

It will be a bit windy, but nothing too crazy. LaMichael James and Perrish Cox seem to be the front-runners for return work, so we'll see how they are rotated tonight against the Vikings. The weather should not make too big an impact, but we'll see if the wind picks up at all as the evening wears on.
Temp: 62 degrees, sunny
Wind: W 13 mph
Rain: 0%
Temp: 66 degrees, mostly sunny
Wind: W 11 mph
Rain: 0%
Temp: 64 degrees, mostly sunny
Wind: W 12 mph
Rain: 19%