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Michelle Tafoya talks Super Bowl recovery with Vernon Davis

Michelle Tafoya talked with Vernon Davis this week at practice. They discussed getting over the Super Bowl, and Vernon's role in the 49ers 2013 offense.

The 49ers return to national television on Sunday Night Football meant the NBC crew was in town this week to check out practice. 49ers tight end Vernon Davis had a chance to chat with Michelle Tafoya for a few minutes, and we've got some video of it above.

The video opens with Tafoya asking Vernon about getting over the Super Bowl. It's an oft-asked question, but Vernon is always good for an interesting answer. He discussed the frustration and stress of it, and then moving on.

Tafoya also asked him about his work this year, and he discussed some of the wide receiver talk we've heard. He mentioned that he is being utilized in more roles, including at wide receiver. We've had a lot of discussion about Vernon and wide receiver, and while I think we'll still see plenty of him as a traditional tight end, the 49ers are obviously going to mix it up to help replace some of Michael Crabtree's lost production. It will be interesting to see how the game plan looks this year with Davis.

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