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49ers vs. Vikings: Quinton Patton catches touchdown, does a little dance

While WR Kyle Williams is sitting out the 49ers third preseason game, rookie receiver Quinton Patton made his debut. And boy has it been impressive. After a slow start for the offense, Colin Kaepernick caught fire, connecting twice with Patton for 24 yards and a touchdown. Patton capped the touchdown with a dance that I cannot even begin to describe. How would you describe it? Is this some dance I should know about?


Patton made his debut this evening after sitting out the first two games with a finger injury. Patton injured his finger catching a pass from Colt McCoy early in camp. He continued to practice, but first could not catch passes, and then could only use one hand. The 49ers are looking for any help they can get at wide receiver, and performances like this are likely to earn the rookie more playing time. The 49ers have one more preseason game after tonight, so we'll see how much more time he sees.