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49ers-Vikings features three fans running on the field

The 49ers preseason game with the Vikings was interrupted by three fans running on the field during the fourth quarter. We've got some GIFs to enterain you.

The second half of most preseason games can be pretty dull, as we see players further down the roster scratching and clawing for a roster spot. We saw much of that Sunday evening, but more importantly, we saw some excited (read: DRUNK) fans make their way onto the field! Three knuckleheads decided it was a good idea to run down on the field in the fourth quarter, and who are we to stop them?

By the fourth quarter of preseason action, I am usually getting pretty tired. Thankfully, the three field stormers gave me a second wind, and a few laughs. We couldn't find coverage of all of them, but we've got some GIFs to entertain you.

The first field-rush involved two guys, but we only have one in the GIF. Rumor has it the other guy was wearing jorts. This guys below apparently got tripped by Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson. A shot of that would have been perfect.


A few plays later, a third fan stormed the field. You may not be able to tell, but he's wearing a Jim Harbaugh Colts jersey. I think it's safe to say that earns him field-storming bonus points. Ideally he would have run up to Coach Harbaugh, but I'm fairly certain the 49ers coach would have popped him.


So, there you have it. The final preseason game that will ever be played at Candlestick Park, and it seems kind of fitting it ended with field-storming madness. Can you imagine what the final home game in Candlestick Park history will be like either later this year or in the playoffs? I'd imagine we'll have people running on the field, and others tearing stuff out of the stands to take home as souvenirs. I'm fairly certain the whole thing will be a complete mess.

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