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49ers- Vikings post game quotes from Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick, Colt McCoy and more

The 49ers had plenty to say following Sunday's 34-14 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. We take a look at the transcripts.

Thearon W. Henderson

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
Press Conference - August 25, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Was that about everything you wanted to see for the third exhibition game?

"Yeah. Saw a lot of good football and pleased with the way our guys worked, practiced all week and then came out and played in the game. I thought there was a lot of good football out there."

Is QB Colt McCoy your backup quarterback now?

"Yeah, yes he is. I thought he played very well. Thing that's been very encouraging is he's progressed and gotten better every week. Tonight, just down after down, consistently good, that's what we've been looking for."

Did the momentum of the game determine why not all five quarterbacks played in this game?

"Yeah, sometimes you got a plan and then you have a feel. So, I felt like we were getting good work and Colt was, he's probably set a record for being, starting a drive inside the 10 yard line in the preseason. Colt McCoy, quarterback, starting a drive inside the 10 yard line. Backed him up to the one, the two, the eight, it was really encouraging to see the second offense step up the way they did and put 17 points on the board and move the football consistently. That was very encouraging."

There was a report that you guys were looking to trade Colt McCoy, any validity to that?

"Well, as you know we never talk about the things that appear on the internet. ‘If it's on the internet it must be true' type of speculation. Very pleased with the job that he did. I thought [QB] B.J. [Daniels] did very well as well. And then, the receiving corps, [WR] Quinton Patton, thought he stepped up. I got very excited about him tonight, strong player. He's been showing that in practice and to see him take that to the game, that was also really encouraging. [WR] Marlon Moore as well. Good to see [TE] Vernon [Davis] involved. I thought, so many guys, [DT] Justin Smith was, he had a burr up his saddle or something tonight. He was Justin Smith, it was great. [S] Eric Reid, I thought he played well. [LB] Ahmad Brooks and [LB] NaVorro Bowman. And then just our defense in general, just talk about the, they've done a fine job all preseason. Finally gave up a touchdown on the short field."

The competition now at quarterback is for the number three job going into the season? Is that accurate to say?

"Yeah, I feel real good about right now that Colt's the backup."

What about your new wide receiver Jon Baldwin? Did you get him as much, as many snaps as you wanted?

"Yeah. He's had a nice command of the offense. The very short time that he's been here he has shown that he absorbed it real quick and put him in some situations where he hadn't practiced. Some of the things he did there tonight showed that he was taking mental reps and the one's he was in, that was real encouraging. He pays attention and has real good physical ability. Everybody likes him. He's fit in real well."

Were you happy with QB Colin Kaepernick's series?

"I was. I thought Colin did a fine job. I felt the line protected very well with the first group, it was very encouraging. We got off blocks in coverage team, that was real encouraging. Had some coverage tackles inside the 20 on the kickoff and it was good."

Was this a test for Colt McCoy that if he didn't play well he wouldn't have gone on with this team?

"No, not at all. Everybody's under the, it's a challenge, there's a test so to speak. You can say that about every player that's out there playing this game. Like I said, the thing that stands out to me is just the improvement weekly. And tonight, just consistently good the whole night. I thought he was real accurate with his throws. The command of the offense was good. He's getting better. So, I thought he was plus-plus tonight."

Are you able to make any assessment on Eric Reid in his first NFL start?

"I thought he was good. He was deep when he was supposed to be deep, made tackles, showed up on special teams, did a fine job. Another guy that just continues to get better."

WR Lavelle Hawkins had a couple of nice plays, he also followed them up with penalties. I guess, in the final assessment, did he hurt his chances tonight by what happened after those plays?

"Especially, after you point it out, one strike, two strikes, probably the two-strike level. He did score a touchdown and had a big catch. He's definitely got to do a better job of not getting emotionally high jacked after doing something great."

I think I know the answer, but another report was that Colt restructured his contract. The assumption is because of that he's going to stay on the team. Is there any validity to that?

"Again, just always felt it's best to not talk about contracts publicly. That would be with all players. You've never heard me do it before and I'm not going to start now."

How are RB LaMichael James and LB Cam Johnson doing?

"LaMichael and Cam Johnson. LaMichael, Cam Johnson."

Two injuries, sorry. Both of them left with injuries, what's their status?

"I think LaMichael's fine, LaMichael's fine. He's going through a little something with his elbow. Cam, I'm not aware of his status right now."

You obviously saw a lot of Quinton Patton in the offseason, but not a lot of him catching the ball and moving with the ball. Was that impressive to you how quick he was after he had the ball in his hands?

"We saw a lot of him catching the ball prior to July 23, then he had the injury and was out for three weeks. But, he wasn't really out, because he was still out there practicing. But, yeah I think he's a good physical player. I don't think that the big stage bothers him, and it doesn't make him nervous. He's a competitor, you notice that. Boy you hate to say too much more about a rookie player. See if he can't just keep getting better."

Has CB Nnamdi Asomugha taken that lead role for that number three cornerback job?

"There's quite a bit of competition still there."

You had him in that third role tonight.


Was that just to see how he'd mesh with that first unit?

"Well, there's a very competitive role between [CB Tramaine Brock] T-Brock and Nnamdi at that position, and it's good for our ball club that both those guys have stepped up. They're both ascending players and both improving players. That's good for us."

Can you talk about the play, Ahmad Brooks came out hot in the first couple series and just how, what you've seen from him this exhibition season?

"Guys jumping out. Right off the bat with Justin and [DT] Ray [McDonald] and Ahmad and NaVorro were playing. They were leading us. That group of guys. You'll have to talk to them, there was something good, it was special, I liked it."

It seemed like something kind of clicked with Kaepernick on the third series when he converted on that 3rd-n-10, is that what you saw too?

"Yeah, on that 85-yard drive there was a lot of things that were clicking. Vernon, good to see Colin and Vernon. I know a lot of people talk about that, the chemistry between those two and how that's progressing. I thought that the series before, the first series, we had the ball at the 12 and wasn't able to get it into the end zone and the second series ended with Colin kind of getting his arm grabbed as he was throwing. I felt like he got into a good rhythm and had an opportunity to make plays on that drive whereas in the first two series there wasn't anybody really open on the first drive when he was throwing and the second one he got the arm grabbed. So, when he was able to have a good chance to make a play he did."

RB Kendall Hunter had a 15-yard run, did that look like his familiar burst to you? Is he kind of where he was before the injury or not?

"He looked like it ,yeah. He's looked like it in practice as well. A lot of the fellas have been talking about how he seems faster. So, I can't say that I disagree with that."

We see a lot of different philosophies from coaches around the league. Manning threw 34 passes in the first half yesterday. Why do you manage Colin the way you do with, he only played one quarter today, that's the most he's played in these first three games?

"Just feel like probably what's best for our team. They probably feel what's best for their team. I think pretty much we've always done it that way. They play what they play each preseason game. There's no emphasis on any other, the third game is no magic third game."

Will Colin play next week?


He will?

"Yeah. I think. Don't hold me to that. Subject to change. How about that? Subject to change. That he will play next week will all be subject to change."

QB Colin Kaepernick
Press Conference - August 25, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Did this help you get back into the groove?

"Yeah, I think when you get out there and you find your rhythm, that's how you want to be playing."

How did you feel when you first started and you had a few struggles?

"It wasn't perfect to start. We had a boot, we didn't have any answers for. Had the one ball tip to start. So, that's two passes right away that you can't do too much about. Other than that we started getting our rhythm, we started getting our groove."

You got to play more this week than in the first two preseason games. Are you ready for Week 1?


With [WR] Quinton Patton, seeing him out this week, what were your thoughts on his playmaking and touchdown catch?

"He is a great player. He is someone he just knows football. He knows how to get open. He knows how to make plays. I am looking forward to seeing what he can do for us."

With [Patton's] hand injury, how much chemistry were you guys developing in camp prior to tonight?

"He is someone that it is easy to have chemistry with. He knows where windows are in defenses. He knows how to get open."

Does it matter when you get more time in actual games versus practice?

"Games are always different, it's a faster pace, it's a lot more going on than practice. Football is football when it comes down to it."

There was no running. Didn't see any read option plays. When you had a couple of opportunities you elected not to run. Was that by design?

"It's just the plays that were called."

Having been in the backup quarterback role before, are you paying close attention to what's unfolding behind you?

"I'm always watching the other guys, seeing what they are doing, see what the defense is doing to them, and how can I help them during the game."

How do you think [QB] Colt McCoy performed tonight?

"I think he did well. He had that one interception where he didn't see the linebacker. Other than that he went out there, was completing passes and moving the ball."

Are you good for playing next week?

"I'm good for playing every week."

Coach Harbaugh said that you will play next week. Are you good with that?


CB Nnamdi Asomugha

Postgame Quotes - August 25, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Have you taken extra pride in what you've done this training camp? Coming in with no guarantees whatsoever and working your way up to where you are now?

"I've just been going out and just working each day. I know my abilities, I know I can help the team, so it's never been a question of where or what's going on. It's just letting everything unfold, playing as best as I could."

Was it any significance to you that you went out as the third corner in nickel situations today?

"I don't know what the plan is. From week-to-week it changes. One week I'm on the right, the next week I'm on the left, sometimes I'm with the one-nickel, sometimes I'm with the two-base. So, really right now my focus is just progress and then seeing how it plays out."

WR Jon Baldwin

Postgame Quotes - August 25, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Quite a turnaround for you to go from playing against the 49ers to being a part of them. It was a nice game for you with a couple catches and a nice rhythm out there. What do you think?

"It's a blessing to get out here and have this opportunity to play with a great organization. I'm excited and I was happy to get out there. I just have to keep making plays."

Was it a crash course for you? You were out here for only a few days of practice then boom, you're in there with a limited playbook.

"No, I wouldn't say it was a crash course. You have to do what you can with the time you can do it. You've just got to make the best of the opportunity and study the playbook as fast as you can so you can go out there and play fast."

And how do you feel like you did today? You had a couple of nice routes you ran and the ball was on the money.

"I just have to keep making progress. I'm going to go in and watch the film, be real hard on myself and just go from there."

How did you feel as far as your reps? Did you expect to play more tonight than you did?

"I was just ready to go whenever they told me to go in. I wasn't expecting anything but just to stand by the coaches that put the guys in and go from there. When they put me in I just wanted to go do whatever I was told to do."

Were you limited in the number of things you could do in the offense?

"No. I just studied the game plan and studied what they told me to study. When the quarterbacks were in there they just called whatever the offensive coordinator called and we dialed it up."

Are there many similarities with the two West-Coast-style offensses from Kansas City to here?

"There is some carry over, but there are obviously going to be some things that are different. You just have to study a lot and if you don't remember something just write it down a few times so you can have that play in your head. Those things help a lot."

Are you comfortable believing you made enough of an impact this early on to make this team?

"I just have to keep working. That's the main thing, just continuing to work and doing what the coaches need me to do. You can never get too comfortable and I won't be comfortable at all. So I just have to keep working."

RB Kendall Hunter

Postgame Quotes - August 25, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Coach Jim Harbaugh said a couple of the guys are talking that you seem faster out there?

"Yeah, a couple of guys said that."

Those couple of guys said that to you?


Did that feel good, you had that 15-yard run? (Inaudible). Did that prove anything to you or did you already kind of know that (speed burst) was there?

"The offensive line made a whole, and I saw it, and I hit it."

Did that feel good to you --?

"Yeah, it felt real good to be back out there, being able to compete and help the team."

Did you have any high expectations for yourself?

"Just to come back and show them that I'm back, ready to play and whenever they need me they can count on me. So, I'm ready to prove that."

And you feel good to be out there?

"Yes ma'am."

QB Colt McCoy

Postgame Quotes - August 25, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Head coach Jim Harbaugh just told us you qualified as the backup quarterback. Did you know that?

"I felt like I played a good ballgame tonight. I feel like I've done some good things this preseason, but I've also made some mistakes. I think that's part of the growth within the system. There's a lot of volume, but tonight, if we want to focus on that, I felt good. We were going against a good defense. Those guys are pretty good and we moved the ball well. We have some things to clean up, but I felt like tonight was a good effort."

Did Harbaugh tell you that you were the backup because he told us.

"Yeah we've talked all week long. I would say that this week was probably my best week of practice. I'm gaining a lot of confidence and that's always a good thing. I'm glad I came out and performed, but give credit to the other guys too. I was fortunate enough to play with the first O-line in the first half - those guys are phenomenal. The receivers ran and caught the ball well, so I'm thankful."

Where were you confidence-wise after the Chiefs game?

"Stat-wise it didn't look very pretty, but I had confidence in that game. I did some good things, moved well, but just overall understanding of the offense in and out of the huddle and confidence with what we're doing. I've seen much improvement week-to-week. Maybe not everybody can see that, but I know my coaches and I really fight hard for that and it's been a good week."

Was this a statement game for you?

"I'm just thankful I was able to go out there and compete and play. I felt better, felt more confidence. I hadn't picked up on it as much as I'd like, I'll admit that. It comes slower to me, whether that's all the offenses I've been through kind of cluttered together or just maybe taking a little bit more time. I can't really put my finger on it, but I can say that over this past week and this game, I felt much better, which is a positive."

WR Marlon Moore

Postgame Quotes - August 25, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

How did you feel tonight? You had some balls early on thrown your way.

"It felt pretty good to be able to go out there and actually play. For the first two preseason games I could count my snaps pretty much on one hand. To be able to go out there and get into a groove, actually get hit, get tackled and whatnot, it lifted a big burden off my shoulders and I feel like I can play a lot better."

When you're in a position battle it's also about opportunities. When you're targeted that helps, does it not?

"Oh yes. You have to come up with the ball every single time that you're targeted. Regardless if it's your fault or the quarterback's fault, no matter what you've got to come up with it. We missed a few plays, but we'll go back to the drawing board, look at them all over again and see what we can do better to get those balls caught."

What's the mindset now? Do you take a sigh of relief now that you caught a couple balls?

"No. Complacency is death. You never let up and even though I caught a couple balls today, it has nothing to do with the regular season and going forward. I've got to come out there with a rookie mentality like today never happened, enjoy this win for tonight, but tomorrow we're back to work onto San Diego."

WR Quinton Patton

Postgame Quotes - August 25, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

First impressions after, you've been out for a while, you're able to get out on the field for the first time. How'd that feel to get that touchdown?

"It felt great to get back out there with everybody. I kind of felt like I was being left out, not playing and everything for the first two preseason games, but it felt good being back out there with my teammates."

Working with the first team, we're you expecting that?

"It didn't matter if I was with the first team, the second team, the third team. I just wanted to get out there playing with everybody."

You showed some strides at least and how far you've come despite being injured.

"Just a little bit, but it's still the preseason. I still have a long way to go."

What are your impressions of RB Kendall Hunter and getting back on the field and his speed in practice?

"It was great to be back out there with Kendall. Kendall had an injury and we happened to come back the same game together. We were like, ‘we've got to go out here and make a statement,' so we went out there and tried to do that."

QB Seneca Wallace

Postgame Quotes - August 25, 2013

San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

You got in there at the end. What did you think of your brief performance?

"It felt good. Just excited, called two good plays for me. Moved me around on the very first one to get my blood flowing a little bit. We had about a minute forty-five or so and we tried to get as many plays as we could in. I felt pretty good though."

It's a fluid situation you would think at quarterback. Have they told you anything about where you stand and what their plans are?

"I just got here. I'm still spinning. I just got here three, four days ago and I'm just trying to come in and get everybody's names down. I'm just excited about the opportunity to be here."

Is this offense more intricate and difficult to learn than you would think?

"Not really. It's really similar to the West Coast system that I was involved in Seattle for years so there's some carry over. The verbiage is a little bit different, you just have to get used to it."

Has the coach given you any indication of what's expected of you?

"Just to come in and try to pick up as much as I can, soak it all up. I think they look at me as a veteran guy that can pick up the offense pretty quickly and just try to do my best."