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Colin Kaepernick featured in Madden 25 commercial series

Colin Kaepernick is featured in a pair of Madden commercials. We take a look at his two commercials.

Earlier this morning, EA Sports released Madden NFL 25, and I'm sure some of you were among the first buyers. In promoting the game, EA Sports came up with a campaign called Born to Madden. The campaign included three commercials, with 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick featured in two of them. The most recent commercial is up above.

The second commercial, below, is my favorite of the two. It features Kap with Russell Wilson, and sets the storyline that they knew each growing up, and played a lot of Madden together. It's pretty funny stuff and worth a watch. Definitely my favorite of the two.

The third commercial featured Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch, and is pretty funny in its own right:

"Play Calling" :30

Agency: Heat
Creative Directors: Warren Cockrel & Anna Rowland
Senior Art Director: Mark Potoka
Senior Copywriter: Ben Salsky
Content Producer: Vera Kacurova
Account Director: Eddie Garabedian
Senior Strategist: Daniel Teng

Production: Hungry Man
Director: Wayne McClammy
Executive Producer: Dan Duffy
Line Producer: Rachel Curl

Post Company: Arcade Edit
Editor: Christjan Jordan
Exec Producer: Damian Stevens

Visual Effects: The Mill LA
Visual Effects Supervisor: John Leonti

Music Company: Beacon Street St