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Parys Haralson trade, Colt McCoy contract restructure now official

The 49ers made two transactions official, as they announced the trade of Parys Haralson, and restructured Colt McCoy's contract.

Ezra Shaw

The San Francisco 49ers have made a couple transactions official. The team announced Tuesday morning that they have traded linebacker Parys Haralson to the New Orleans Saints for an undisclosed draft pick. The team's contract restructure with Colt McCoy is also official, as it now appears in the NFLPA salary database.

Matt Barrows reported that Haralson was traded for a conditional seventh round pick, with the condition being that he make the roster. The 49ers press release included this quotation from Trent Baalke:

"Parys has been a consummate professional throughout his seven years as a 49er," said San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke. "His leadership, work ethic and dedication to our organization, and the Bay Area community, have provided a great example for our locker room. We would like to thank Parys for his many contributions on and off the field and wish him the very best."

The paperwork was also finalized on the deal to restructure Colt McCoy's contract. The 49ers re-did the deal on Saturday, but the paperwork was formally processed today. McCoy's salary decreases from $1.5 million to the veteran minimum of $630,000.

According to the NFLPA's salary cap report, the 49ers have $6,832,727 in cap space. This does not reflect the Parys Haralson trade. Haralson was due $1.15 million in base salary, and I believe up to $150,000 in game-day bonuses. The 49ers will save Haralson's salary minus the difference of whichever player replaces him on the roster.

Although McCoy's deal saves close to $900,000 in base salary, it sounds like the deal includes some game-day active bonuses. According to the NFLPA's salary cap report, the 49ers gained $54,375 in cap space. It is possible there is something missing, but it could also be that the game-day bonuses remove much of the saved space. We'll keep an eye out for more information.

Fooch's Update: Maiocco provided an update on game-day actives bonuses:

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