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Joe Staley is here to entertain you before 49ers-Chargers

The 49ers do know how to use social media.

@49ers on Twitter

The fourth preseason game is generally a pretty "meh" affair for the starters. Many of them will not play a snap, and the ones that do get some snaps, will likely only get a series or two. That means for the roster locks, they get a trip down to San Diego and have to figure out how to entertain themselves in the meantime.

It should surprise nobody that Joe Staley is having a good ol' time in San Diego. The 49ers Twitter account tweeted out this Vine video this afternoon.

If you are on Twitter I highly recommend giving @49ers a follow as they have all sorts of random interesting things to tweet out before games. They are one of the more interesting Twitter accounts, providing a mix of pictures and video to entertain the Faithful.

They also tweeted out this picture. I'm not sure I can get fired up like they might want with that tweet language, but it's still a pretty cool picture.