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Colin Kaepernick featured in second Yahoo! Fantasy Football comercial

It's time for fantasy football once again, which means it's time to get our NN leagues together. Kap's latest fantasy commercial gets us in the mood!

Last month, Yahoo! started releasing commercials to promote their fantasy football product, and 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was featured in one. Turns out a second one was recently released, and you can watch it above. It features Kap getting a tattoo, and discussing his performances from last season.

There were probably two highlights of this one. The first was the cameo by his turtle, Sammy Kaepernick. The second was the tattoo artist's line at the end. Kap reads off how he is described as the fantasy QB of the future, and then says they should ink that on him. The tattoo artist then says, "Kind of narcissistic, bro." I have to think this was shot after all the hubbub over the Dolphins hat and his sunglasses at the ESPYs.

Kap's monotone was a little rough, although I do think that was sort of part of it. This J.J. Watt commercial includes some monotone as well, but not quite as much. Of course, as long as the 49ers keep winning, I'm not concerned about a QB that is monotone in television commercials.

Niners Nation Fantasy Football

On a very related note, it's about time to get started on NN fantasy leagues. We will once again do them through Yahoo! If you are interested, let me know in the comments. Also, if you have preferences for PPR vs. standard, and team defense vs. individual defensive players. And if you've never played fantasy football, or only have a year under your belt and prefer a beginner's league, mention that as well.

We won't be creating the leagues for another week or two, but I'd like to start gauging interesting. And finally, if you've been looking for a dynasty or keeper league, make mention of that as well. I don't know what we'll do with that, but it'd be cool to get some kind of long-term league going here at NN.