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NFL roster cuts: 49ers roster cuts will supply the NFL with serious talent

The San Francisco 49ers showed off their considerable depth in Thursday's preseason finale victory over the San Diego Chargers. Several teams around the league might be taking note of that talent. Can the 49ers potentially work some deals?


The San Francisco 49ers walked into Qualcomm Stadium Thursday evening and thoroughly wiped the floor with the San Diego Chargers. The 49ers put together a 41-6 demolition that saw dominance in most aspects of the game.

While preseason scores are not of much value, the process leading to the 49ers 41-6 victory can tell us a lot. The 49ers dominated the game in large part because most aspects of the 49ers depth chart were better than that of the Chargers. Even though the 49ers backup offensive line struggled, generally speaking, the 49ers were better from top to bottom.

That makes this quotation all the more interesting:

The 49ers head into final roster cuts in a tough position. They are going to cut players that will end up on other rosters. Other teams are going to make claims on some of these players, and that's not just my homer-ism talking. Given how awful some teams are in the NFL, I would be surprised if several waived 49ers end up with jobs in the following 24 hours.

The above tweet and this tweet got me thinking about that:

I don't know that the 49ers would necessarily deal Anthony Dixon, but the 49ers are in a position where you have to think Trent Baalke will be working the phones for the next day and a half. The team has until 3:00 p.m. PT on Saturday to cut down to 53 players. Other teams will be interested in their talent, but maybe they can convince a team or two to deal a late pick, or who knows what else to jump ahead of the waiver wire line?

While I imagine there are teams valuing some of the 49ers talent, we can only be left to speculate the teams and the players. We don't usually see a lot of these last minute deals, although it is worth noting that the 49ers traded Colin Jones for a seventh round pick last year at cut-down time. Could we see more deals like that before tomorrow afternoon?

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