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Golden Nuggets: Quinton Patton is my hero

Friday, Aug. 30, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

I didn't watch any of the San Francisco 49ers' win over the San Diego Chargers -- nor have I actually watched ANY of the preseason action live -- but from what I hear, Quinton Patton has been looking pretty good. It's too early to say "I called it," but I totally called it. This guy is going to be really good, and I'm excited to see him more. I've went back and watched all of his catches so far (but I don't have TV, hence not watching it live ... woo hoo Madden 25 Anniversary Edition).

That said, I'm sure there's a bunch of links tonight and I just want to get to them. Let's hope that preseason goodness translates to the regular season. Bring on the Green Bay Packers. I'm excited. Enjoy.

Cam Can: LB Johnson moves off bubble with sensational performance (Branch)

Can Johnson stick as 5th OB? Harbaugh: 'We're the SF 49ers. We can do whatever we want!' (Inman)

Wide receivers leave their mark on 49ers' final preseason victory (BA Sports Guy)

Daniels Looks Like 49ers' No. 3 QB (NBC Bay Area)

Final: 49ers win 41-6, outscore exhibition foes 96-43 (Inman)

Ahahahahahaah Joe Flacco as a Top 5 quarterback ahahahahahaha (

ATL's Defensive Player of the Year predictions (NFL)

Kaepernick emerges healthy from 40-snap, 0-INT, 0-sack exhibition season (Inman)

Colin Kaepernick and the fallacy of the read-option (BA Sports Guy)

QB Wallace opts to cut short his comeback attempt rather than play in exhibition finale (Inman)

Quinton Patton Scores Again (49ers)

Cam Johnson Puts on Show (49ers)