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Colin Kaepernick discusses his family, Camp Taylor with FOX Sports 1's Mike Garafolo

FOX Sport 1's Mike Garafolo sat down with Colin Kaepernick to discuss his adopted family and his work with Camp Taylor. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here!

While 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has been in the media plenty this offseason with different endorsement deals and marketing opportunities, there is something even more important that is slowly getting more coverage. Kap has been involved with Camp Taylor, which is a camp for kids with heart defects. Earlier this offseason we put together a post with some great pictures from Kap's work at the camp.

Yesterday, FOX Sports 1 ran an interview Mike Garafolo conducted with Kap and his parents. I've posted the video above, and it's definitely worth a watch. Kap's parents lost two kids shortly after birth due to heart defects, and eventually decided to adopt Colin. It's interesting as he talks about the bittersweet nature of this. He is so glad to have been adopted by the Kaepernick's, but obviously it probably would not have happened had they not lost their two children.

This is just a great job by all parties involved. Garafolo with a great interview, and the Kaepernick family opening up with some touching stuff. Definitely worth the watch. You can also learn more about Camp Taylor at KidsHeartCamp.Org.