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49ers training camp: Eric Reid takes first-team snaps at free safety

Eric Reid took first team snaps with the 49ers defense on Sunday. Will the rookie safety move into the starting lineup for this Thursday's game?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers wrapped up their Sunday practice session, and safety Eric Reid's turn came up in the rotation at free safety. The 49ers have been rotating Reid, C.J. Spillman, Craig Dahl and Trenton Robinson at free safety over the course of the offseason. Dahl opened with the first team snaps, and C.J. Spillman and Trenton Robinson had followed him.

Coach Harbaugh met with the media and he mentioned that they were trying to get Reid some more snaps at free safety. You could interpret that one of two ways. Either more snaps just means his turn in the rotation, or they want him getting more first team time at free safety overall. We'll have a transcript later today, and you all can read as much into it as you want.

I think most of us expect Reid to be starting before too long. For now, the 49ers first depth chart of the preseason features C.J. Spillman as the starting free safety, and Eric Reid as the second string free safety. It will be interesting to see just how many snaps Spillman and Reid split up this coming Thursday. The 49ers have practice Monday and Tuesday, and then a mock game practice on Wednesday. If Reid gets first team snaps the next two days, does that get him into the starting lineup for Thursday? We'll see.