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49ers training camp practice recap, day 9: A.J. Jenkins, Lawrence Okoye worth a mention

The 49ers wrapped up practice nine of training camp on Sunday. We take a look at some of the highlights, including A.J. Jenkins big catch, and sacks from Aldon Smith, Cam Johnson and Lawrence Okoye.


The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their ninth day of practice earlier this afternoon, and our own front page writer Gregory Lee was on hand to observe the session. He'll be working on some content based on that, but for now, here is a rundown of some of the highlights of practice from the recaps already posted. I've linked them below if you want a little evening reading during the Hall of Fame Game.

The most notable aspect of practice, at least on Twitter, was A.J. Jenkins hauling in a 70-yard touchdown pass from Colt McCoy at the end of practice. It is worth noting it was against the scout team defense, he was covered by cornerback Lowell Rose, and the defense was not operating at full speed. I don't mention this necessarily to rain on the Jenkins parade, but rather to give it added context. Any positives are a good thing, but we do have to keep things in the proper context. For the day, it sounds like Jenkins had four catches in team drills, with three going for about 20 yards and then the long one.

Kyle Williams was back in practice as well, and all indications are he had a solid day. As I'm reading it, he had one catch in 11-on-11 drills, but was fairly active in the other drills, which included 7-on-7 and some one-on-one passing drills.

Wrapping up the wide receivers, Austin Collie and Lavelle Hawkins both got on the field. According to, Collie and Hawkins were working with Colin Kaepernick, Anquan Boldin and wide receiver coach Johnny Morton to get on the same page with the offense. They then got some work in the final team periods. According to Matt Barrows, Collie had two catches and Hawkins had one.

Left tackle Joe Staley got the day off from practice, and was replaced in the starting lineup by Adam Snyder. Jonathan Goodwin also sat out again, although we do not know why he continues to sit out. Daniel Kilgore replaced him, as he has done with regularity this week.

The absence of Staley seemed to do wonders for the pass rush, as Aldon Smith and Cam Johnson each had a sack. According to the Bay Area Sports Guy, Lawrence Okoye also had a sack. We're getting that much closer to seeing Okoye in some real, live game action on Thursday. I'm pretty excited about this.

On the injury front, Justin Smith sat out his second straight practice. There are no indications it is anything of significance, and I'd imagine the team is fine taking their time making sure he is 100% for the start of the season.

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