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Golden Nuggets: A.J. Jenkins looks great; Patrick Willis has hand surgery

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


Argh! I've double booked this evening. I've agreed to do the Nuggets for Ninjames but also agreed to cook my friends dinner and take it to them (they had a baby on the weekend). I think what has to happen is you guys get a crappy Nuggets and they get a crappy meal. Just teasing. I'll do what I can.

By all accounts, A.J Jenkins had a standout day. He got open repeatedly, caught most everything that was thrown his way and all the beat writers took notice. It's great to see him breakout and this would arguably be his best day as a 49er. I can't wait to see him in action against the Broncos and Champ Bailey (if AJJ is on the first team). Patrick Willis had surgery on his fractured hand but is expected to be back by Week 1. We may see him playing with a club on his hand.

Now to the links.

Day 10 Recaps

Christian Gin notes AJ's day. Joe Staley returned after sitting out yesterday. Austin Collie showed signs of being a possession receiver. | 49ers 2013 Training Camp Practice Notes Day 10: A.J. Jenkins' big day (Gin)

BASG has Colin Kaepernick looking particularly good, and with Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin taking it easy, he was busy targeting the less experienced crowd, mostly on short and medium routes. He also notes that Aldon Smith has been nearly impossible to deal with for any of the offensive lineman. | 49ers training camp notes: Eric Reid is ready to hit someone (BASG)

Cam Inman also has Eric Reid looking good in this practice. He also notes how much healthier the team is, with many more of the walking wounded participating. | Practice report: Casualty list dwindles, Jenkins stays hot, Reid impresses (Inman)

49ers camp report: Jenkins, Tramaine Brock, Reid help themselves (Maiocco)

Training camp D10: Jenkins looks sharp, Reid still "starting" safety (Barrows)

Jenkins Continues to Make Plays (

Kaepernick and Jenkins Strong in Day 10 (

Whitner & Reid

It'd be fine by me if Eric Reid gets burnt by Peyton Manning on Thursday and learns something. It's good to have Donte Whitner back there. I'm still surprised that some people wanted us to spend a second rounder on another safety to replace Donte. We need at least one experienced safety. | Whitner: Reid can benefit from facing Manning (Maiocco)

Whitner Mentors 49ers Safeties (

Whitner on Reid: ‘The potential is always there, but potential can get you beat' (Branch)

Wide Receivers

Anquan Boldin had 65 catches in 2012. That's 35 more than the other 11 receivers on the active roster combined. Ouch. Kyle Williams led the rest with 14. Are we in trouble? | Telling number for 11 WRs beyond Boldin: 30 (Branch)

For anyone wanting a brief touch up on the state of the wide receivers, Cam Inman provides it. | Progress report on all 14 wide receivers on roster (Inman)

Other News

NaVorro Bowman is the second best inside backer in the league and Michael Wilhoite has gotten mostly positive reviews, but I still want to see P Willy ready to go for Week 1. | Report: Patrick Willis had hand surgery (Gin)

One of the rookies that I've gotten excited about going into the year is Nick Moody, not from watching much game tape, but from reading about him. I've said it before, but I love that he took it upon himself to excel at special teams in college as a means to make himself more valuable at the next level. | Rookie Report with Nick Moody (

Anthony Davis has a way with words (BASG)

49ers join growing trend with electronic playbooks (Maiocco)

Cohn: Harbaugh's hands-on approach a hit with 49ers' players (Cohn the Elder)

In case you're wondering...the dinner came out swell!

Being a Sheep

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