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Terrell Owens generating interest; Should 49ers bring him in for a workout?

Terrell Owens' agent is claiming he has had discussions with "a bunch of teams" about a return to the NFL. Should the 49ers bring in TO for a workout?

Justin Edmonds

It's been some time since we've heard from former 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens, but apparently he is back in the news. TO's agent told Adam Schefter that he has had conversations with "a bunch of teams" about a return to the NFL. TO's last stint in the NFL involved a brief appearance last preseason with the Seattle Seahawks.

I had no plans on writing about this, in large part because I take his agent's word with a serious grain of salt. The man is trying to sell his client, and while there might be interest out there, I'm not exactly sold. However, since this news came out, a few people have tweeted at me about it, and I find myself curious whether or not people are interested in bringing him in for a workout.

I suppose a workout doesn't cost the team anything, but given that the receivers are getting healthy, is it necessary at this point? It depends largely on if you think he would be an upgrade over what the 49ers are rolling out right now following the additions of Austin Collie and Lavelle Hawkins.

While TO is likely in great shape, his only NFL playing time the last two seasons was his brief preseason stint with the Seahawks. Other than that, there was some time with an indoor football league, and that's about it. His public exposure has been relegated to TMZ, and his recent attempts to become a professional bowler. The off-field issues are much discussed, but in his stints with the Seahawks, Bengals and Bills, there have been no indications of such problems.

If you were in Trent Baalke's shoes, would you bring in TO for a workout? I included a poll on that question, but I'm also curious how many people already think he's worth signing for at least the preseason.