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Jim Harbaugh: 49ers still assessing CB Eric Wright

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has had a couple opportunities to address the 49ers assessment of cornerback Eric Wright. We look at his Sunday comments at camp, and more recent comments in a radio interview.


This past Sunday, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media and was asked about the 49ers interest in Eric Wright, and if the team was still considering him following Chris Culliver's ACL injury.

Have you had any contact with CB Eric Wright since CB Chris Culliver went down?

"The organization or myself?"

The organization.

"I believe so."

What is the plan with him? Have you had an opportunity to have him come in for a physical?

"We're assessing. There's a process. Won't really lay out the plan right now."

Do you see him in the team's future?

"Again, don't have the crystal ball. But, there's a process."

Harbaugh confirmed the same information earlier this morning during an appearance on the Murph and Mac Show on KNBR. He said it was a process, the team was still assessing, and that there "could be more to come." He did not go into any details beyond that, but I imagine part of the wait is to see how the corners perform in practice and this first preseason game.

Wright failed a physical when the 49ers first acquired him, thus negating the trade. I was a bit skeptical about the failed physical, but as more and more information comes out, it seems like Wright's injury history does remain an issue. Over the weekend, Kevin Lynch tweeted that a source had told him that Wright was in fact "not healthy enough to sign." That's technically true because of the "failed physical", but given some of his Achilles issues last year, I suppose he really is just getting back to 100%.

Speaking of Harbaugh's KNBR interview, the highlight of it was when they moved into some discussion about the 49ers use of iPads. The hosts asked Harbaugh if he had played Angry Birds. Coach Harbaugh informed that he had not and was not aware of the game. Glad we got that out of the way.

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