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Fred Dryer chats with SB Nation's Uffsides

Fred Hunter, former NFL player and star of "Hunter", made appearance with Matt Ufford on the SB Nation YouTube show, Uffsides. Dryer discussed his lawsuit against the NFL, and also compared various 80s shows to his own hit show Hunter.

This has nothing to do with the 49ers, but there is so much entertainment and information in this video that I had to share it. SB Nation's Matt Ufford has a weekly show called Uffsides in which he chats with various athletes and celebrities about football and other assorted topics. Earlier today, he had on Fred Dryer. Some may recall Dryer from his football days with the Los Angeles Rams, but most will remember him as the star of TV's "Hunter".

The video opens with discussion of Dryer's lawsuit against the NFL. Dryer is not part of the more commonly known concussion lawsuit, but rather, he is among those suing for compensation for their use of their image by NFL Films and by the league. The NFL recently agreed to put $42 million in a fund for retired players to help them "find health care, housing and jobs, and to set up a licensing agency to promote the sale of the images of groups of players."

Numerous retired NFL players accept this amount, but Dryer is among a group that believes more discovery is needed to determine the actual value involved. Additionally, Dryer and others claim this fund requires the retired players forfeit future claims to the use of their images. All in all, it's a bit of a mess.

There is a sizable chunk discussing this part of Dryer's life now. However, the latter half is on the more humorous side. Ufford and Dryer discuss various 80s television dramas and discuss why "Hunter" is better than them. I was laughing out loud for much of it.

The 49ers are in the midst of a late practice, so for now, enjoy this video.