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Why yes, that's a duck at 49ers training camp

This is important breaking news from 49ers training camp.

@49erscam on Instagram

The 49ers wrapped up their mock game practice at training camp today, and with no media access to the full practice, the media is finding other topics to discuss. Today, it's all about a duck!

Cam Inman sent out this photo on Instagram, with the caption:

Jim Harbaugh had never seen a duck infiltrate #49ers practice field until today. Greg Roman said he'd be willing to name a play after it. And Phil Dawson quizzed me if it was a male or female duck (right after Mindi Bach told me it was female).

He also tweeted out this picture:

Yes, we all are very much ready for 49ers-Broncos tomorrow night! But a little silliness today is still mildly amusing.

On a side note of equal importance: