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Justin Smith wearing Alex Boone Rhino hat

Justin Smith sported a hat supporting teammate Alex Boone. We've got a picture. What more do you need?

49ers press conference live

The 49ers player availability featured Justin Smith earlier this afternoon, and he was sporting a hat that I think the 49ers could sell for just a few bucks. Tre9er grabbed a screenshot of the press conference, and in it you can see Smith wearing an Alex Boone 75 hat. The hat features the number 75 laid against a rhino. For those who don't remember, the San Francisco Zoo named a black rhino after Boone, who had visited and helped promote the zoo.

I love the fact that Cowboy is sporting the hat of his teammate. I don't know if he owns it, or maybe he lost a bet with Boone and had to wear it, but either way it's a pretty sweet hat.

Speaking of Smith, he also had a great comment for the media when asked about his native Missouri.

Gotta love Justin Smith!