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49ers movie night in Santa Clara!

The 49ers wrapped up their final practice before Thursday's preseason opener, and decided to follow it up with a team movie. Clearly it is essential to be focused on that preseason game! Time for guesses on the movie. What did the 49ers go see? I don't know what they saw, but hopefully we'll find out!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers had a mock game earlier this morning, with the practice session closed to the media. After the practice, Jim Harbaugh met with the media to discuss Thursday's preseason opener. Preseason games are obviously incredibly important, as seen from this Mindi Bach tweet:

The $10,000 question is what movie were they seeing? My guess is Little Giants, but I suppose it could be a more recent release, such as We're the Millers or something like that. What movie do you think the 49ers watched tonight?

Speaking of movies in the theater, last Friday, I went and saw Sharknado in the theater. For those unaware of the Sharknado phenomenon, it was a TV movie released on the Syfy channel. The social media buzz was so huge that the re-airing of it a few days later did better ratings than the original airing. Additionally, Syfy decided to give it a one-time midnight release in movie theaters last Friday. I went with some friends, and we actually made shark hats. Yes, we're dorks.

It was a brutally awful movie, but the theater had fun with it, as we spent most of the movie yelling at the screen, and at each other. Given that nobody really gave a crap in the theater, I shot these three Instagram videos with my phone throughout the movie. Enjoy the awfulness!

Trivia before the movie!

Music video for the Sharknado theme song!

Some god-awful acting!