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49ers vs. Broncos weather report: Checking Phil Dawson's three favorite sites

The weather is frequently a factor in 49ers games at Candlestick Park. We take a look at the weather for 49ers-Broncos with the help of Phil Dawson's three favorite websites.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, 49ers kicker Phil Dawson met with the media and discussed the weather issues that come with kicking at Candlestick Park. The swirling winds at the Stick are frequently discussed, and a significant factor for special teams.

During his discussion, Dawson mentioned that he tracks three different sites in his weekly weather assessment:, and The weather is always a factor, so I thought each week we would take a look at the upcoming weather forecast with the help of Dawson's three favorite sites.

It will be a moderately windy evening, ranging somewhere between 11 and 14 mph. Dawson has plenty of experience in bad weather from his time in Cleveland, so I don't think 50s and a little bit of wind should be a big deal.

The real question will be how LaMichael James and the other returners perform. Right now, James appears to be the front runner to handle both kick and punt returner work, and tonight marks his first significant test. It sounds like he has improved tremendously over the last year, but taking those kicks at Candlestick, during a game will tell us a lot more.
Temp: 54 degrees, sunny
Wind: WNW 13 mph
Rain: 0%
Temp: 60 degrees, mostly sunny
Wind: W 11 mph
Rain: 0%
Temp: 59 degrees, mostly sunny
Wind: W 14 mph
Rain: 10%