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49ers roster by jersey number for preseason opener

Here is a complete list of the 49ers roster in order of jersey number. It should help when the bottom of the roster is entering the game in the fourth quarter.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers head into tonight's preseason opener with a lengthy list of players. They have 82 players plus seven players on the PUP or NFI lists. When the starters depart and we start seeing the 49ers go deeper and deeper into the roster, it can be hard to figure out who is who.

With that in mind, here is the 49ers roster for tonight, in order of jersey number. It does not include the players on the PUP or NFI list. I forgot to remove Chris Culliver as he is technically still on the roster. Other than that, I'd recommend keeping this page open during the game tonight in case you find yourself wondering who No. 45 is come the fourth quarter. That's fullback Jason Schepler, by the way.

Fooch's Note: I forgot to include Kyle Williams, No. 10.

Active Roster

No. Name Pos.
1 Jacobs, Chuck WR
2 McCoy, Colt QB
3 Tolzien, Scott QB
4 Lee, Andy P
4 Hawkins, Lavelle WR
5 Daniels, B.J. QB
6 Collie, Austin WR
7 Kaepernick, Colin QB
9 Dawson, Phil K
11 Patton, Quinton WR
13 Osgood, Kassim WR
14 Hall, Chad WR
15 Crabtree, Michael WR
17 Jenkins, A.J. WR
18 Lockette, Ricardo WR
19 Moore, Marlon WR
20 Cox, Perrish CB
21 Gore, Frank RB
22 Rogers, Carlos CB
23 James, LaMichael RB
24 Asomugha, Nnamdi CB
24 Dixon, Anthony RB
25 Brown, Tarell CB
26 Brock, Tramaine CB
27 Spillman, C.J. S
28 McBath, Darcel S
29 Culliver, Chris CB
30 Robinson, Trenton S
31 Whitner, Donte S
33 Cooper, Marcus CB
33 Hampton, Jewel RB
35 Reid, Eric S
36 Harper, D.J. RB
36 Thomas, Michael S
38 Morris, Darryl CB
40 Rose, Lowell CB
41 Ventrone, Raymond S
43 Dahl, Craig S
45 Schepler, Jason FB
45 Stupar, Nate LB
46 Gray, MarQueis TE
47 McDermott, Kevin LS
48 Tukuafu, Will FB/DT
49 Miller, Bruce FB
50 Johnson, Cam LB
51 Skuta, Dan LB
52 Willis, Patrick LB
53 Bowman, NaVorro LB
54 Moody, Nick LB
55 Brooks, Ahmad LB
57 Wilhoite, Michael LB
59 Goodwin, Jonathan C
62 Tribue, Wayne G
63 Jerod-Eddie, Tony DT
64 Mike, Purcell NT
65 Netter, Al G
66 Omameh, Patrick G
67 Kilgore, Daniel G
68 Snyder, Adam G
69 Wiggins, Kenny T
71 Bykowski, Carter T
74 Staley, Joe T
75 Boone, Alex G
76 Davis, Anthony T
77 Iupati, Mike G
78 Okoye, Lawrence DL
78 Looney, Joe G
81 Boldin, Anquan WR
83 Dobbs, Demarcus TE/DT
85 Davis, Vernon TE
86 Jennings, Brian TE/LS
88 Celek, Garrett TE
89 McDonald, Vance TE
90 Dorsey, Glenn DL
91 McDonald, Ray DT
92 Divens, Lamar DT
93 Williams, Ian NT
94 Smith, Justin DT
96 Lemonier, Corey LB
98 Haralson, Parys LB
99 Smith, Aldon LB
Schmidt, Colton P