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49ers vs. Broncos: First quarter recap, second quarter game thread

We've got a first quarter recap and second quarter game thread.

Ezra Shaw

We're headed into the second quarter of the 49ers preseason opener against the Denver Broncos, and San Francisco currently leads 3-0. QB Colin Kaepernick ran the offense the first series, and while it came up short of a touchdown, they showed some strong ball control work. The offense used up 7:07 on the clock, driving 62 yards on 13 plays. Colin Kaepernick was 4 of 4 for 38 yards with a six-yard rush. He completed two passes to Anquan Boldin and one apiece to Marlon Moore and Vernon Davis.

Over the course of two Broncos drives, Denver has been able to accumulate three first downs, but has punted both times. Peyton Manning worked the first drive, and that drive ended thanks to solid pressure from Aldon Smith. No. 99 bull-rushed the left tackle and Manning threw a bit of a dying duck pass.

We head into the second quarter with most of the starters done for the night on both teams. In case you need it, here is a list of the 49ers in order of jersey number.