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Niners Nation #Channel49 Twitter Q&A Mailbag, Vol. 25: Roster Cuts, Colin Kaepernick's Accuracy, Quinton Patton's Dance, and more

Every Friday at 2 P.M. PT we have our #Channel49 Twitter Q&A. We take the best questions and give you our thoughts.

Frank Gore is now a super hero
Frank Gore is now a super hero
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Trevor Woods Answers (@Woods49ers)

Daniels has looked awesome throughout preseason, but it would be jumping the gun putting him as the backup right now. Although it wasn't a great preseason from Colt McCoy, he did show improvement as the weeks went by, and keep in mind he was playing with reserve offensive lineman. McCoy's experience should be valued to a certain extent for now, but this competition between Daniels is by no means over.

If Daniels continues to progress, he could eventually earn the number two gig at some point this season. Competition is always preached by the Harbaugh regime, and what better way to make a player better by giving him some incentive, a promotion. Daniels showed some promise this preseason in his abilities, displaying good vision, even when on the run he continues looking down the field. He also has a great arm and is highly mobile, there's a lot to like about him. Click here for my scouting report on Daniels.

Last season, Joe Staley, Mike Iupati were selected to the Pro Bowl, and Jonathan Goodwin, Anthony Davis, and Alex Boone were selected as alternates. That's the whole 49ers offensive line, and they are all back this year. The 49ers definitely have enough to do battle with the Seahawks defense, but they are a worthy foe. If there's a defense in the NFL that is on the same level of talent as the 49ers, it would be theirs.

The depth beyond the starters features a drop off in talent, so hopefully we don't see any of our starters go down due to injury. Cliff Avril is with the Seahawks now, and definitely will improve their pass rush, but the 49ers are will be up for the challenge. It won't take long to see how the 49ers front will do against Seattle, as they square off Week 2 on Sunday Night Football.

Kap was hardly on the field this preseason, which makes it very hard to get in rhythm. A prime example of this was against the Vikings, Kap started off 1-7, and then finished 6-6 with a touchdown to Quinton Patton. Some of his passes were inaccurate, some needed more touch, that was the main issue I saw. This isn't something to be concerned with going into Week 1, he just needs to get warmed up and be in a real game atmosphere.

No matter the level of talent, there is a big headache attached to roster cuts. The coaches are people too, and just like us, doubts do enter their mind. Every cut they make may not be the right decision, and lots of over-analyzing and second guessing themselves happens. From our perspective, it's a problem worth having, as the 49ers have a ton of talent. But there is a good chance at least one of the players cut turns out to be a good pro, and that is what haunts coaches and Trent Baalke. It's hard to get a hit every at bat, as is it's hard to make the right decision fifty three times building a roster. The headaches won't end any time soon, hopefully they persist into February. Get your aspirin ready.

Aaron Malone Answers (@GafflezMalone)

Everyone is excited about Quinton Patton. Teammates and coaches alike comment glowingly on his exuberance, eagerness to play football and the skills he brings to the table. He's looked great in the two preseason games he's played in and there's every reason to think he'll continue to be a productive receiver going forward.

What this means for Mario Manningham remains to be seen. We know MM is not eligible to return from the PUP list until after Week 6. If he were healthy he'd likely be our No. 2 receiver. He's played only a handful of games with Colin Kaepernick at quarterback and they'll need to work on chemistry and timing.

The wide receiver depth chart is a mystery when factoring in only the healthy players, let alone trying to project Manningham's place in it. Anquan Boldin will be the unquestioned No. 1 until Michael Crabtree is 100%. After that, we don't really know who the No. 2 is. It could be any of the 4 other receivers on the roster. I'm going to expect Manningham to slowly climb his way up and perhaps be the No. 3 by the end of the year. He may just as likely be at the bottom. And as for his long-term prospects on the team, I'm pretty certain this will be his last year in San Francisco.

We have to believe the coaching staff knows exactly what they have in Marlon Moore, otherwise they would have been trying to get some idea about him during the preseason. Where he sits on the above mentioned depth chart is still up for debate. I don't think we'll fully understand the position group and it's hierarchy until we see the snap counts from Week 1. It could be receiver by committee or they could be waiting for someone to step up.

As for Kyle Williams, I'm a bit worried for his season. It's not because I don't think he's talented, he's just missed the entire preseason. He's had injury concerns and is 'working through' another injury to his legs, a bad sign for a player who relies on quickness. I've had Kyle Williams, Quinton Patton and even A.J. Jenkins projected as my WR2 at different points in the offseason, so I definitely think he's got what it takes. He's in a contract year and it would not surprise me if he breaks out. But at this point, he's giving all the other guys in the position group every opportunity to move up the pecking order.

As for impact, both guys are around a WR4 on many rosters and when every one is healthy, that's where I'd expect them to sit on the 49ers depth chart. That would mean little-to-no impact on a team that rarely employs more than 3 WRs. They'll get some opportunities, but I don't think we'll see either get higher than 30 catches on the year.

Quinton Patton's touchdown dance is just downright ugly. I was wondering what it was, and I think salsa dance on drugs sums it up. While it sure ain't pretty, I think we'd all be happy to see it another 10 times this season. As for Jacobs, as I write this, he's still on the 49ers roster. Cuts are coming and I'm expecting him to be the last WR cut as they try to sneak him onto the practice squad. He'll hopefully get a chance to hone his trade. He can teach me how to dougie anytime.

I initially answered this question praising Jewel Hampton. I said I'd love to see him get some snaps behind our first string offensive line. He did fine behind our No. 2's. Seeing the 'bowling ball with legs' let loose in a secondary would be a pleasure. But, alas, he is among the final cuts. I'm hoping they try to get him on the practice squad.

What that means is that the 49ers coaching staff are more than happy with Anthony Dixon, aka Boobie, getting some extra snaps (though I'd expect Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter to shoulder most of the load). He's always one of the more contentious cut candidates on the team. Some are strongly opposed to him holding down a roster spot. He does everything well, nothing great. And that, apparently is enough. He showed some improved running during his preseason carries. With James only expected to miss 3-4 weeks, he's not going to be moved to any injury list and will still count for a roster spot. That's what sealed Hampton's fate.

As for LaMichael James, the injury sets him back. We're all waiting for him to be the home run threat we envisioned, but we've yet to see him hit a 'home run'. Most of the 49ers faithful have been waiting for him to get more touches, both in the passing game and as a kick returner. We'll have to keep waiting. And as mentioned above, leg injuries to guys who rely on quickness are never a good thing.