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Golden Nuggets: Please Harbaugh, don't hurt 'em!

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

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Jeff Gross

Good morning, Niners Nation ... I suppose each and every one of you are still pretty stoked from the win on Sunday. I made it a point to watch the Thursday night game and the early Sunday games ... I just needed as much football as possible. But after getting that San Francisco 49ers victory, I didn't even bother to spend too much time paying attention to the Monday Night Football games.

Just a bunch of teams who will undoubtedly lose to the 49ers in the end, no? Instead, I finally got around to starting Game of Thrones (list spoilers under pain of death) with a stream of the games on my laptop on my nightstand.

Anyway, yesterday we had a bunch of quotes and things like that. I have to say, I was really stoked to see Jim Harbaugh talk about Clay Matthews like the punk he is. That kind of attitude is not acceptable in the NFL. Also, I really love listening to other people talk about how much they hate Harbaugh. It's really funny how angry he makes people just by talking. A great troll if there ever was one!

And yes, that is an MC Hammer reference in the headline. If Fooch can pull out Ice Cube, then I can use Hammer. Dibs on the next Skee-Lo reference. Onto the links!

Harbaugh says Matthews took a cheap shot -- which he did -- and then made fun of him, to boot. I love it when Harbaugh gets like this, because he generally loathes talking to the media. May as well call a turd a turd when you've got a microphone in front of you. | Still swinging: Harbaugh verbally slaps Clay Matthews during Monday presser (Barrows)

Of course Staley shouldn't have been flagged. The proper protocol is to grab the jersey and separate, which he did. Matthews threw the punch. He should have received TWO penalties and the 49ers should have had a first down. Unfortunately, that's not getting the headlines for some reason. | NFL: Staley shouldn't have been flagged for grabbing Matthews (Branch)

Citing an "extensive playbook" for play-clock issues is, in my opinion, an incredibly dumb thing. Every team in the league has a huge playbook and I'd be shocked if Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh's playbook is bigger than some others around the league. It's called deflecting. If they want to give Colin Kaepernick fewer options in the huddle, then that's fine, but this team has very real issues Extensive playbook cited as thorn in play-clock issues (Inman)

I don't know what kind of impact it has on a referee when he gets "downgraded." So I won't say I'm glad this happened, because that would just be ... insensitive. But there were many issues in the game, both ways. That's all I'm going to say. | NFL downgrades ref Bill Leavy (ESPN)

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