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PFT: 49ers spoke with Brandon Lloyd, were rebuffed

The 49ers reportedly contacted Brandon Lloyd, and were rebuffed. We take a look at what it means.

Jim Rogash

As questions arose in the offseason about the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver situation, one name that popped up in the comments and on Twitter was Brandon Lloyd. The one-time 49ers receiver has bounced around the league, putting up solid numbers at times.

It turns out the 49ers may have already approached him. Pro Football Talk is reporting that the 49ers, Patriots and Jets were among at least six teams to contact Lloyd. According to PFT, Lloyd rejected all the teams. According to PFT's source, Lloyd is not interested because he does not feel he is physically or mentally ready to continue in the NFL. It is worth noting that the report does not provide a timeline for these contacts.

If this is all true, I give Lloyd some credit. He could easily sign a contract and mail it in for an easy pay day. Instead, he recognizes where he is at, and handles his business accordingly. It's not a huge deal, but it deserves some respect, in my opinion.

As for the 49ers? The team has been kicking the tires on quarterbacks and wide receivers. The team has some question marks in terms of depth, so I imagine we'll see plenty more try-outs happening as the team figures out how its depth is shaking out.