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Golden Nuggets: 49ers - Seahawks Build Up; Kassim Osgood Replace Injured Nick Moody

Thursday, September 12, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Did anyone notice that there was no intro to the Nuggets yesterday? I did, when I woke up. I got distracted after doing the links, double checked my spelling and all of that, got distracted again (dinner time here in Oz), and voila, no intro. The intro is like foreplay...not the most important part, but necessary.

Well there are a ton of links, so ironically, the intro to today's Nuggets is mostly explaining how and why there was no intro to yesterday's edition. It's like rain, on your wedding day...ironic.

I will leave you with a funny jab at the Seahawks that a friend of mine from Australia told me. She visits Seattle, has friends there and told me that all the punks in Seattle call them the Hepatitis C-Hawks. I like that one.


49ers vs Seahawks

One thing we can be sure of going into the Seattle game is that their secondary is going to present a much tougher test than Green Bay's. The Packers had injuries, and even if healthy, would not be of the same standard. We'll need more balance this Sunday. | Seattle's star safeties will present stiffer test for Kaepernick (Branch)

Ruthless Sports Guy gives a good review of what various 49ers players and Harbaugh said about the upcoming showdown with everyone's least favorite team, the Seahawks. Eric Reid is getting ready for a playoff atmosphere and let's face it, this game is one of the biggest of the year in the NFL. Every single list of top-5 or top-10 games to watch had this one on it. Can't wait. | Eric Reid on the Seahawks: "The guys tell me that it's like a playoff game" (BASG)

You now know that Harbaugh is blaring music in practice to simulate crowd noise in Seattle. What you may not know is that Fooch, to prepare the staff writers for the influx of trolls, is throwing these at us during practice. Matt Maiocco gives you the story. | 49ers crank up the music to prepare for Seattle crowd (Maiocco)

First they steal all of our ex-players and now their stealing our crowd control methods. We employed this to prevent our more unruly fans from attacking New York Giants fans during the NFCCG two years ago. | Seattle cops to don opponents' jerseys (ESPN)

There's only one way to shut up the 12th Man, and that's scoring early. If we put 7 on the board straight away.... I would cry tears of joy. | Speak up: Seattle crowd attempting noise record vs. 49ers (Barrows)

I'm really excited to see how this one plays out. Richard Sherman trying to cover Anquan Boldin will be a treat. | Boldin not willing to trade verbal salvos with Seahawks (Inman)

49ers-Seattle, Round 1: Every big game can't be all on Kaepernick's shoulders, but this one will be (Kawakami)

Seahawks Show Colin Kaepernick Respect (

Kaepernick: ‘We're going up there to prove that (2012 loss) is not who we are' (Inman)

Similarities may be at the root of 49ers and Seahawks' rivalry (Mercury News)

Eyebrow bet is fiction. So is Kaepernick-Wilson friendship (Barrows)

Frank Gore Readies for Seattle Test (

49ers, Seahawks Rivalry Keeps Growing (

Earl Thomas sticks to his story about Harbaugh Honk-gate (Barrows)

Conference Call - Seahawks' Earl Thomas on Facing Boldin (

Harbaugh vs Carroll

Coach Harbaugh talked about the state of the team, the upcoming game and more. Here's the transcript of the interview with the video embedded...take your pick. | Coach's Notebook: Sept. 11 (

Finally, Pete Carroll and I have something in common. | Carroll impressed with 49ers' first game against the Packers (Gin)

Is Harbaugh correct about the new read-option rules being "flawed and biased"? Carroll says, "No, not at all." (Cohn - Transcript)

Seahawks' Thomas says Harbaugh and Carroll "definitely want to win this game a lot more thatn other games" (Mercury News)

Conference Call - Pete Carroll Talks 49ers-Seahawks Matchup (

Colin Kaepernick

You want to read a massive write up about Kap and some of the misconceptions and falsities surrounding his play? Vincent Frank has you covered. | Has Criticism of Colin Kaepernick Finally Ended? (PFC)

Bill Williamson is conducting a weekly watch of Colin Kaepernick. He gives a run down of his last week's performance with some thoughts on what we can expect this coming week. | QB Watch: 49ers' Colin Kaepernick (Williamson)

While this might seem a bit early, if you read it in context, it makes sense. Colin Kaepernick is No. 2 on the ESPN MVP Watch list after Peyton Manning. They're looking at Week 1 stats...I get it. | Colin Kaepernick's MVP push (Williamson)

Kassim Osgood Returns

One of the bright spots of the preseason was rookie ILB Nick Moody. He looked like he'll be a special teams mainstay for years to come and showed decent skills at ILB. We found out today he was placed on the injured reserve / designated to return list. The post will explain what the implications of that are. Kassim Osgood has been re-signed by the team to fill his role on that oft-forgotten unit. | Report: 49ers sign Kassim Osgood (Gin)

There was some question as to whether using the designated to return designation (I get so confused by this stuff sometimes) on Nick Moody was the right thing to do. | Niners roll dice with IR return designation (PFT)

Welcome back: 49ers reacquire WR Kassim Osgood (Barrows)

Source: LB Moody headed for short-term IR (Inman)

Other Stuff

The headline explains everything you need to know about the article. But embedded is a montage of all of Anquan Boldin's catches from Week 1 with some replays and reverse angles. The official site gets some grief for their lack of hard-hitting analysis, but then they give us this. | Boldin Named NFC Offensive Player of the Week (

49ers Pay Tribute on Sept. 11 (

Shak's Take: Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers (PFC)

Aldon Smith Off to Another Fast Start (

Has Steve Young Uttered His Last "BRO" on KNBR? (BASG)

Brandon Lloyd has rejected at least six inquiries about playing (PFT)

Better Commercial: Harbaugh or Kaepernick? (

Joe Staley to Kaepernick after Clay Matthews hit: "No one is [expletive] hitting you late" (PFT)

Rookies Set Goals on and off the Field (

DeBartolo leads lists of HOF nominees (

Being a Sheep

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