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Patriots vs. Jets: Thursday Night Football open thread

Your open thread for Thursday Night Football discussion. Drop in to discuss.


Thursday Night Football on NFL Network is back, as the New England Patriots host the New York Jets. The Patriots escaped Buffalo with a narrow victory, while the Jets somehow shocked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It will be interesting to see how this first short week looks. We often get some sloppy football, so we'll see what the first one of these games looks like.

I picked the Patriots to win and cover a double digit spread. The Jets surprised us last week, but I have a hunch heading to New England will bring a slightly different result. I suppose Rex Ryan, Geno Smith and company could shock the world, but I'm not holding my breath.

And if you're just looking for more 49ers content, you can head over to our story archives. We'll have the 49ers-Seahawks Thursday practice participation report in just a little bit.